Ventilation System Cleaning

The science is clear. Healthy indoor air means healthier building occupants. The COVID pandemic puts this into sharp focus for building managers. When ventilation systems don’t do their job of providing clean, healthy air building staff and visitors suffer as a result. This is why a ventilation system cleaning system is critical to maintaining healthy buildings.

The Health Impact of a Ventilation System Cleaning

Stale, unclean air impacts the health of building occupants. This includes patients and staff at medical facilities, visitors to retail businesses, and workers in office buildings. It is also true in residential buildings and homes. Air that is filled with particulate matter, such as dust particles and volatile organic compounds, enters the lungs and causes inflammation. This also triggers asthma and allergy symptoms. Long-term exposure to particulates leads to more serious health issues such as respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

Studies also show that students exposed to poor IAQ have more difficulty with cognitive functioning. Conversely, better IAQ leads to higher test scores. In office buildings, poor IAQ leads to more missed work days, lower morale, and a loss of productivity. Employing an effective ventilation system cleaning system keeps IAQ at healthy levels. This has the added benefit of improving energy efficiency and lowering operating costs.

Fresh Air and the Indoor Environment

A building’s ventilation system provides clean fresh air throughout the indoor environment while removing stagnant air. This is crucial in the fight against airborne viruses. It also removes air containing high levels of CO2 and other pollutants. As an HVAC system operates, dirt and debris collect. The system must work harder to provide clean air exchanges which takes a toll on the equipment over time. This leads to increased maintenance calls and decreases the lifespan of the equipment as well. A clean ventilation system works more efficiently as it rids the air of mold, bacteria, allergens, VOCs, and other particulates.

Ventilation System Inspection and Cleaning Service

Pure Air Control Services offers complete inspection and ventilation system cleaning services. We are a nationally recognized firm that has provided IAQ services to commercial properties, educational facilities, and governmental agencies for nearly four decades. PACS helps companies meet the standards set for HVAC cleaning, inspection, and restoration as set by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. We do this through a series of systems and methods from routine inspections to decontamination and restoration. We also provide 24/7 monitoring of indoor conditions to keep building occupants safe. 

Ventilation System Inspection

Our HVAC Hygiene Assessment gauges the effectiveness of an HVAC system on indoor air quality. Systems degrade over time. Built-up dirt and debris expedite this process which makes the system work harder and less efficiently. We start with our Building Sciences’ HVAC Hygiene Assessment. This includes a visual inspection of the AHU as well as the coils and ductwork. Samples collected by our technicians undergo testing in our EDLab. Sample testing also helps determine the performance level of the system and the resulting report gives stakeholders the data they need to make recommended changes and maintain a clean ventilation system. 

Ventilation System Cleaning

After inspection, ventilation system cleaning uses a combination of services to improve IAQ.


The PURE-Duct method uses high-pressure air turbulence to go deep inside the system to knock out built-up dirt and debris. After particles are knocked loose, an industrial-strength vacuum system with a HEPA filter removes them. The result is a cleaner HVAC system and healthier indoor air. A clean system also operates more efficiently which reduces energy costs and saves money over the long term.


The HVAC coil cleaning method restores the evaporator coils as well as the interior of an air handling unit. Using steam at temperatures up to 350° F, this method destroys pathogens such as bacteria and fungi.

Take Control of IAQ Today!

PureAir Control Services helps business owners and facilities managers get their ventilation systems clean. We know creating a healthy indoor environment is critical to the success of your enterprise so call us today and learn more about how we can scale the job to meet the needs of your organization. Our phone number is 1-800-422-7873. You can also email us here.