Understanding IAQ in 2020

Understanding IAQ has never been more important to building health. For this reason, we continue our look back on the articles we shared this year and hope we’ve given you the information you need to tackle these issues. We talked about how bipolar ionization and tracking indoor air conditions improve building health. Prescriptive IAQ is another method we recommended. We shared an example of this in action with SPENGA fitness studio of Seminole, FL, a company we helped with a safe reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bipolar Ionization Efficacy

Understanding IAQ Bipolar Ionization Efficacy

The idea of bipolar ionization as a way to clean air has been around for over five decades. In fact, the ASHRAE Journal covered this topic back in 1966. In times of pandemic, however, renewed interest in this process is expected. This fall we told you about an experiment conducted by the Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science. This Japanese company proved the effectiveness of bipolar ionization in reducing the H1N1 virus. A similar study in Spain by the HVAC company Tayra used bipolar ionization on a coronavirus substitute to get a 99% reduction of the virus. And this was after ten minutes of ionization! Of course, bipolar ionization also destroys pathogens such as Staph and E. coli.

We explained how PURE Plasma ionizers release positive and negative ions that form clusters around a virus then break it down. After the virus is in a cluster it is large enough to get trapped by filtration systems. Once mounted on HVAC ductwork or in the air handler these ionizers go to work killing viruses but also reducing dust, pollen, and smoke. They eliminate odors too. The result is a better understanding of IAQ and cleaner, healthier air for staff and visitors.

Understanding IAQ in Commercial Air Purification

Understanding IAQ Commercial Air Purifiers

Healthy indoor air results in fewer missed work days for employees. As a result productivity increases. Commercial air purification used along with HVAC systems is an another effective way to get cleaner air. It helps limit viruses too.

By early 2020 we knew that the coronavirus spreads through aerosol transmission. Tiny droplets of water containing the virus spray out with a sneeze or cough. These droplets stay in the air for hours after release and land on hard surfaces too. HVAC systems need help circulating the air to prevent the spread of viruses. That’s where commercial air purification helps. For example, PURE + AeraMax Professional commercial-grade air purifiers work with ventilation systems to improve IAQ. These devices capture tiny airborne contaminants using smart technology. Carbon filtration also absorbs odor and volatile organic compounds. After that, 99.97% of any particles that pass through the carbon filtration get trapped by HEPA filters. It’s all a part of understanding IAQ issues and how they affect building occupants and the bottom line.

Prescriptive IAQ: How Can We Treat If We Don’t Test?

Understanding IAQ Prescriptive Solutions

This fall we talked about the importance of prescriptive indoor air quality in understanding IAQ. In short, that means getting the right diagnosis before creating a treatment plan. As we discussed the importance of prescriptive IAQ, we referenced one of our successes in this area. A university in Michigan, alarmed by the coughing and sneezing of students in one of its buildings, contacted us.

Pure Air Control Services conducted an IAQ investigation and found toxic black mold. We performed an HVAC/Duct hygiene assessment and cleaned and restored the HVAC system. Our IAQ Guard system tracked environmental conditions. In fact, we used all of our Building Remediation Sciences which includes:

  • HVAC New Life
  • PURE-Steam
  • PURE-Duct
  • PURE-Decon

SPENGA Becomes First Certified Pure Air Fitness Studio in the World

Understanding IAQ Healthy Gyms

Another example of how we brought cleaner, safer indoor air to a client is SPENGA fitness studio of Seminole, FL. SPENGA’s owner did understand IAQ issues and was concerned about opening back up to the public after Florida’s statewide shutdown mandate expired. We used a combination of systems and methods which allowed the studio to open to the public in a safe manner.

Our PURE-Steam™ method used high-pressure steam to disinfect air handling units which were then restored with the HVAC New Life™ process. PURE-Decon neutralized pathogens beyond CDC recommendations and PURE Plasma BiPolar Ionizers and True HEPA air purifiers keep air free from 99.9% of microbes. Our EDLab also analyzed samples for the presence of coronavirus RNA and found none. The installation of IAQ Guard monitors ensures that IAQ stays high as the risk of infections remains low.

Improve IAQ Understanding

In short, we hope this year-end review helps you understand IAQ. If you still have questions, contact Pure Air Control Services today. Call 1-800-422-7873 today or email us here. And check back throughout 2021 as we continue to provide insight and information on getting the best possible IAQ for your business.