Healthy Building IAQ Important to Envelope Performance

Increased emphasis on health and wellness is an ongoing trend in the corporate world. Because of this, the commercial real estate market must change to meet new demands as the focus on healthy buildings IAQ impacts employers and staff as well. Healthy buildings keep occupants healthy. For employers, healthy workers have higher morale and are more productive.

Maintaining good indoor air quality is key to creating healthy indoor environments. One way to increase building health is by repairing and replacing outdated HVAC systems. Smart building engineers also take advantage of solutions like IAQ guard remote monitoring to detect high CO2 levels and to protect against the spread of viruses, such as the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Healthy building IAQ is not only important for the health of workers, but also for students at universities, patients in healthcare facilities, and anyone who spends time indoors. Above all, it’s important for the health of the entire US economy because it limits the risk of infectious outbreaks that shut businesses down.

The Dangers of Unhealthy Buildings

Many dangers exist in unhealthy buildings. For example, Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) adversely affects occupants of buildings with poor indoor air quality. This disorder, recognized by the World Health Organization, results in irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat. Headaches and fatigue are also common symptoms of SBS. Once the person leaves the affected building, the symptoms go away. Sick Building Syndrome leads to lower worker productivity and a loss of revenue.

The spread of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens is also a danger. There is a strong link between the spread of viral infections and particulate matter that travel through the air. We know the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 gets spread by coughing and sneezing which releases thousands of tiny droplets into the air where they attach to dust and other particles. This creates a risk for aerosol transmission and leads to an increase in the spread of dangerous pathogens within the indoor environment.

Poor ventilation and airflow from underperforming systems often lead to higher levels of carbon dioxide in buildings. When CO2 levels rise the negative impact on occupant health rises along with it. Studies linking high levels of indoor CO2 to impaired work and school performance highlight the importance of this issue.


Healthy Buildings IAQ Protects Occupant Wellbeing


Maintaining Healthy IAQ

Remote monitoring, like the IAQ Guard program developed by Pure Air Controls, tracks conditions in the indoor environment. This gives facilities managers and building engineers the real-time information they need to solve issues of poor indoor air quality.

Monitors installed throughout the building provide readings of specific IAQ factors. These readings get logged and reported to the Building Sciences team at Pure Air Solutions so issues get resolved fast. The result is healthier buildings and building occupants.

IAQ monitors gauge temperature and relative humidity as well as total volatile organic compounds (TVOX). They track particulate matter, carbon dioxide, and other gases too. The system acts as a barrier against the spread of viruses. It ensures the building IAQ meets ASHRAE, LEED, and OSHA standards by creating detailed reports and record keeping. Healthy buildings IAQ requires vigilance to keep building occupants healthy and safe.

Solutions for Healthy Building IAQ

Healthy employees are alert, more productive, and feel better about their work and employers. Students, patients, and visitors to any number of facilities also feel more comfortable in healthy buildings. Optimized IAQ is a huge part of that. Likewise, the financial health of the company benefits from lower equipment replacement costs, lower staff turnover rates, and higher productivity. Healthy buildings IAQ is the future of the commercial real estate industry.

Make occupant well-being and sustainable buildings a priority for you and your employees. Contact Pure Air Control Services today. We are an IAQ and HVAC system-focused company in operation since 1984.


Healthy Buildings IAQ Ensures Safety