allergen asthmaClearwater, FL – On Friday, April 13th those who are superstitious or have allergies may want to stay inside for numerous reasons.  According to the Allergen & Asthma Alert (An EDLab sponsored project) the outdoor MOLD concentrations of 8,514 cts/m3 has been reported for Friday the 13th.   The MOLD spore concentration peaked to as high as 38,038 cts/m3 on Thursday 3/12 with an average of 17,164 cts/m3 (for the week ending 3/13 March 2015).  The POLLEN count this week was also high at 528 cts/m3 with an average of 154 cts/m3.

This elevated outdoor mold threshold trend is indicative of elevated moisture conditions. This situation may have been initiated due to a combination of factors which includes, but is not limited to, naturally decomposing organic matter, extreme humidity and rain, coupled with hot temperatures.

The average indoor concentrations during this time of year should be 1000 cts/m3 for MOLD and 15 cts/m3 POLLEN.  Find out what your indoor counts are by visiting INDOOR AIR TEST and purchase the evalu-aire DIY test kit.

“The high outdoor ambient mold and pollen concentrations may cause a variety of health and hygiene-related concerns,” as stated by Dr. Rajiv Sahay, Laboratory Director at EDLab who oversees the Allergen & Asthma Alert daily counts.

Mold Allergen AsthmaDr. Sahay encourages individuals to pay attention to air quality outdoors as well as the indoor environments by initiating regular housekeeping, periodical maintenance on air distribution systems of the closed environment including filter checks. It is of high importance for allergy sufferers or those having a compromised immune system, to maximize allergen avoidance measures.  They should stay away from outside exposure by avoiding any unnecessary trips and by taking their medication as advised by their health care providers. Additionally, the home environment should be checked for negative pressure, hygiene condition of the HVAC system, general baseline conditions of ubiquitous allergens.

Dr Sahay advises people, especially those who reside in Tampa Bay, to visit the Allergen & Asthma Alert at least once in a day to update for air-borne bio-allergens (mold and pollen). These counts are reported on a daily basis from Monday to Friday before noon and are always compared to normal indoor levels. EDLab provides this service as a community service at no charge. Thanks to Dr. Sahay and his team of professionals for this program made available to the public.

Dr Sahay EDLab

EDLab – Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory

EDLab is a nationally-recognized, CDC ELITE laboratory in the state of Florida. EDLab continues to stand out in the field of indoor environmental quality by utilizing data collected from more than 200,000 samples over the past 20 years, to create a vast database that is being utilized to set standards and provide trends for developing baseline conditions of IEQ

Find out what your indoor counts are by visiting INDOOR AIR TEST and purchase the evalu-aire DIY test kit.

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