Smart IAQ Monitoring

IAQ monitoring has always been an important part of keeping building occupants safe. This was true before the pandemic and is even more true now. Toward this goal, Pure Air Controls took what was already an award-winning monitoring service with our IAQ Guard and made it even better. IAQ Guard 2.0 takes smart IAQ monitoring to a new level. It helps facilities managers maintain high IAQ standards because it’s easier to integrate, offers more control, and connects better over WIFI.

What is Smart IAQ Monitoring?

IAQ Guard 2.0 is smart IAQ monitoring that allows for remote tracking of building conditions to keep building occupants safe. This includes office workers, teachers and students, and guests at restaurants, gyms, and spas. The data collected by monitors placed throughout the building gives managers real-time information on environmental conditions. This includes readings of temperature and relative humidity, total volatile organic compounds, particulate matter, CO2, and other gases. This data is available in an all-in-one outlet-powered module that lets building managers react to conditions quickly. This information is crucial to risk assessment and to prevent microbial growth.

We spend the majority of our lives indoors, up to 90 percent, in fact. While inside we breathe in as much as 3,000 gallons of air every day. Since the virus that causes COVID-19 spreads through aerosol transmission, it’s important to maintain proper indoor air quality. IAQ monitoring does this. It allows for fast reactions to changes in environmental conditions. This lowers risk and gives workers confidence in their employers. Healthy workers are more productive with fewer missed work days and that strengthens a business’s bottom line. Smart IAQ monitoring also ensures that IAQ meets standards set by ASHRAE, LEED, OSHA, and the International Well Building Institute. It makes recording keeping easier and reduces liability as well. 

How Smart IAQ Monitoring Works

Air quality monitors placed throughout the building relay information to a browser-based dashboard. These monitors can be plugged into a standard wall outlet or hardwired into the wall. Monitors are configured through a phone-based app and information is collected and displayed via the IAQ Guard 2.0 dashboard. The monitors then route through a WIFI gateway that connects to the local network or a dedicated cellular router.

What’s New in IAQ Guard 2.0

Equipped with the latest in smart IAQ monitoring technology, IAQ Guard 2.0 creates artificial intelligence (AI) swarms of other WIFI-enabled products like air purifiers. The system is programmed so IAQ Guard 2.0 can turn the connected devices on and off to remediate potential problems that the air quality monitors report. It can also import third-party standards, such as those of the International WELL Building Institute, to offer a comparison of a building’s IAQ data with those standards. 

The ease of use and effectiveness of smart IAQ monitoring makes staying in front of risks to air quality simple. Of course, monitoring alone isn’t enough to fully protect building occupants. It is another tool in an IAQ toolbox that also includes regular inspections, testing, cleaning, and disinfection of HVAC equipment. PURE duct cleaning and PURE Steam coil cleaning also form a part of our Building Remediation Sciences. Together with smart IAQ monitoring, these methods offer a combined approach to IAQ.

Additionally, the use of air cleaning devices placed throughout the building provides added protection. For example, a commercial-grade air purifier cleans the air in rooms up to 1,400 square feet. Their use of healthcare facilities, schools, universities, and offices creates healthier IAQ. Combined with smart IAQ monitoring, these devices keep air clean and occupants healthy.

Learn More About Smart IAQ Monitoring

When you use IAQ Guard 2.0 you get a smart IAQ monitoring system backed by close to four decades of building science, data, and experience. IAQ Guard 2.0 is ready for deployment now so get in touch with Pure Air Control Services today. Call us a 1-800-422-7873 or email us here.