Posted on March 9th, 2017 
Room DisinfectionThe proliferation of new whole room disinfection technologies has provided infection control professionals many options for protecting their patients and staff. Hospitals that proactively adopt these solutions are set apart for their commitment to defeating HAIs.However, while selecting the right whole room disinfection system for the job is critical, it is not enough. Equally important is developing a whole room disinfection regimen that allows you to realize the full value of your solution in practice. In the context of a busy hospital with multiple staff members and patients, it’s often easier to neglect to transition a new whole room disinfection solution into practice, instead sticking with manual methods of the past.Recognizing the importance of regular whole room disinfection in defeating HAIs, we partner with our customers to make our system a fully integrated aspect of their daily workflows.Following are several factors that must be considered when developing the right whole room disinfection regimen for your hospital:

  1. Cadence: Will your whole room disinfection system be cycled through hospital rooms after every patient, or only those rooms in which a patient has been infected with an HAI?
  2. Workflow: Where does whole room disinfection fit in your hospital’s terminal cleaning and room transition practices? What is your targeted room turnover time?
  3. Training: Which employees will be tasked with operating the whole room disinfection system on an ongoing basis? How will you bring new employees up to speed in the future?
  4. Maintenance: How often does your whole room disinfection solution need to be serviced? How difficult is the solution to maintain?
  5. Ongoing Measurement: How is your whole room disinfection regimen working? Are there any opportunities to make it more effective and efficient?

All of these are important questions that have an impact on how you will use your whole room disinfection system in your environment. Without resolving one or more of these questions, chances are that your whole room disinfection program will not achieve its full potential.

Finally, it is important to note that system functionality and rate of use are interrelated. In other words, if a solution lacks key functionality or proven efficacy, it is more likely to remain inactive. For example, if an infection control professional is certain a whole room disinfection system can achieve a 6-log kill rate of dangerous HAI-causing spores, he or she is more likely to dedicate time and resources to bringing that solution into practice.

The Halo Disinfection System® is EPA-validated to kill 99.9999% of C. difficile spores in hospitals. Halosil pairs this industry leading efficacy with low costs of ownership and operation to deliver the greatest value in whole room disinfection on the market today.

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