PURE-Steam HVAC Coil Cleaning

PURE-Steam™ HVAC coil cleaning is an innovative method to restore not only the evaporator coils, but the entire interior of an air handling unit (AHU) to near factory specification from both a performance and cleanliness perspective. The PURE-Steam service excels beyond where other HVAC cleaning methods stop. It is a comprehensive indoor air quality and energy efficiency forward solution that is the only Green Clean Institute certified process in North America.

PURE-Steam operates at temperatures up to 350° F to disinfect the coils and AHU, effectively killing bacteria and fungi(mold) to remove allergen triggers and musty odors. PURE-Steam also deeply cleanses at up to 350 psi pushing dust and debris completely through the coil to improve airflow and Delta P (pressure) for real operational savings. The recommended PM is generally performed on an annual or bi-annual basis.

Here’s how it works


Preparation Pure Steam

Depending on where the AHU is located we choose and deploy the specific equipment required for job. Then, as a licensed mechanical contractor we shut down the unit following all lockout and tag-out procedures. If the AHU is located in a Mechanical Room a containment area is established to prevent steam and moisture from affecting the indoor environment. Next, all electrical components and ducts are masked to keep them dry.


Testing Pure Steam

Pure Air Control Services Inc. performs their own proprietary Coil Cleanliness Verification Test (CCVT). This test is repeated across the span of the coils measuring the Delta P (ΔP) to determine which zones of the coil are most fouled. This is helpful to report the before state of the coil, as well as letting the tech know which areas of the coil will require the most attention. The data is logged and then cleaning commences.


coil cleaning Pure Steam

The entire interior of the AHU is first HEPA vacuumed, then a pre-steam enzyme treatment is applied to the coils. Next, the interior is steam cleaned top to bottom and the coils are worked with a precise method to ensure all debris is dislodged from deep inside. Water extraction is maintained throughout the service. If necessary, the coils can be flushed with clean water at 50 gallons a minute. Another CCVT is performed to report the results. If an area still shows signs of fouling it’s reworked until clear. Finally, a poststeam Bioactive treatment is applied to inhibit microbial growth for up to a year.

M&V Reporting


After the job is completed a detailed Measurement & Verification (M&V) Report is provided for each AHU that was cleaned with PURE-Steam. This report not only contains before and after performance data recorded with the CCVT, but also includes a QA checklist of the job specification, a complete photo log, and recommendations for any additional issues that might still need to be addressed. This valuable, proprietary, report is a useful archive to track historical data on the equipment.

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PURE-Steam™ is the Natural, Green Certified & Economical Choice for HVAC Air Handling Unit & Coil Cleaning.

  1. dirty coil
  2. coil after Pure Steam

Coils Before and After     

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