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Bi-Polar Ionization to improve IAQ in Multiple Environments

PURE Plasma improves IAQ in Multiple Environments

Easy Application

PURE-PLASMA products are an easy part of the process in both new construction and retrofit applications. The units mount on the supply air ductwork or in the air handler itself so no special provisions are required. We provide specifications, ionization unit schedules, CAD drawings and in-house engineering support when you need it.

Sustainable Solution

PURE-PLASMA’S ionization system aligns well with the social, environmental and economic priorities of sustainability. Cleaner, healthier indoor air is a clear social benefit. Chemical and pollution-free air is an indisputable environmental right. Products do not utilize UV light and are ozone safe. Additionally, the potential for saving energy and reducing employee downtime and healthcare costs is an economic benefit to owners, managers and occupants.

How PURE-Plasma Makes Indoor Air Cleaner and Healthier

Pure Plasma

The PURE-Plasma ionizer produces millions of positive and negatively charged oxygen ions. See back cover for a list of Plasma Air products.

The ions travel through the duct system and into the room where they interact with airborne particles, germs and gaseous contaminants.

Charged ions trigger cell oxidation, reducing airborne mold, bacteria and virus cells. The ions break down gases, eliminating VOCs and odors.

Particles are charged oppositely, causing them to cluster into larger particles, which can now be caught by the filter and removed from the air flow.

Commercial Product Selection Guide

PURE-Plasma products can be used in a variety of IAQ applications with varying pollutant levels. This guide will help you select the proper Plasma Air product and concentration of ionization for your application.

Needlepoint and Brush Style Ionizers

Brush Needlepoint Ionizer
Needlepoint Ionizer
Pure Plasma Bar

Tube Style Ionizers

One Tube Ionizer
Tube Ionizer 200
Tube Ionizer 500

Benefits of PURE-Plasma Technology:

Independent studies commissioned by PURE-Plasma’s manufacturer have validated how these bipolar ionization productsresult in cleaner, healthier indoor air. And, can actually make a building “self healing.”

Pollutants Reduction
Pure Plasma

• Kill Bacteria and Virus

• Reduce Dust, Pollen and Smoke

• Control Chemical and VOC Gases

• Neutralize Odors

• First Cost and Energy Savings

Important Planning Prior to Install

Before installing any PURE-Plasma device you will need to ensure that the HVAC system is clean with good baseline conditions. After all, why would you invest in new technology and equipment only to put its operation at a deficit from the start? We have two main services to address this need.

PURE-Plasma can improve IAQ from a single office to an entire building. Call today to get started! 1-800-422-7873

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