Improve School IAQ

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed many weaknesses in school buildings across the country. According to a recent report from the American Society of Civil Engineers, 53 percent of the public schools in the United States have building systems in need of replacement or upgrades. Forty-one percent of these schools report problems with their HVAC system. Half of those schools report systems that are either in poor or fair condition. Until these issues are addressed, students and staff remain at risk.  While Congress has made billions of dollars available for infrastructure improvements through the American Rescue Plan, additional funding means more ways to improve school IAQ. 

The Push to Improve school IAQ

The coronavirus infects people via airborne transmission. Therefore, ventilation and air filtration are critical to the health and wellbeing of students and staff. The current standard for air changes per hour is three, however, four to six is a better goal to improve school IAQ.

Schools that take action to improve school IAQ will have healthier students with improved test scores and lower absenteeism as a result. Also, Administrators who use the funds available from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) can improve outdated HVAC systems and school IAQ. 

Building Sciences

Pure Air Control Services helps schools meet these challenges with the systems and methods available from our Building Sciences division. The program relies on the knowledge and remedial experience of highly-trained environmental consulting professionals. The building sciences include several systems for improving IAQ in schools.

Building Health Check

Our Building Health Check provides a comprehensive appraisal of the indoor environment targeting HVAC zones. Field and laboratory assays provide data on biological conditions and building performance. This service includes mold and assessments as well as allergen and dust screening. Our Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory provides analysis of air and surface samples. It also logs temperature, relative humidity, and wall moisture to highlight building conditions and make recommendations for improvements.

HVAC Hygiene Assessment

An HVAC Hygiene Assessment informs facilities managers of issues with building ventilation systems. As systems become dirty over time, performance decreases and IAQ suffers. The HVAC evaluation includes a visual inspection of the AHU including the evaporator coils, blower, drain pan, blower, and ductwork. Collected samples, sent to the EDLab, test for the presence of bacteria. Finally, a detailed report provides performance data and microbiological results as well as recommendations for improvements.

IAQ Guard to Improve School IAQ

This system includes the strategic placement of monitors throughout the building. These monitors log temperature and relative humidity, total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), particulate matter, CO2, and other gases. Changes in these levels trigger a response from the remote Building Sciences team. When consistent signs of trouble appear, the team responds with recommendations for corrective action. 

Building Remediation Sciences

Our Building Remediation Sciences division utilizes several methods to improve school IAQ.  This includes HVAC New Life Restoration which hygienically restores the AHU for up to 30 percent less than the cost of replacement. Upgrades could include the replacement of the air dampers, cogged belts, fans, motors, compressors, and controls. It also extends the life of the evaporator coil and blower motor assemblies, and drain pans.

PURE-Steam is a method using high-temperature, low-pressure steam. This gets deep inside the AHU to disinfect and remove odors. The PURE-Duct gets inside the ductwork with high-pressure air turbulence. This knocks out then removes dirt and debris. PURE-Decon is a complete room disinfection service that destroys fungi, viruses, and bacteria. As a result, pathogens stay out of the ventilation system.

Improve School IAQ, Contact Pure Air Control Solutions Today

Improving School IAQ has never been as important as it is today. As a result, school administration and campus facilities managers would be wise to use their ARP funds to improve their HVAC systems. To learn more about Pure Control Services IAQ solutions contact us at 1-800-422-7873 or email us here.