Air Handler Renewal Differences

Air handler renewal or HVAC restoration is a popular service that refurbishes aging equipment. In fact, this service costs significantly less than HVAC replacement and is done in far less time. So, it frees capital budgets for more critical expenditures and minimizes disruption to facility operations. However, not all air handler renewal is the same.

Facility managers and building owners with large inventories of chilled water air handler units (AHUs) understand the challenges of keeping the equipment maintained for optimal ventilation and air quality. Often, it’s hard to keep up. Especially with large campuses like in healthcare, education, and manufacturing. Plus, choosing the right companies or single company to partner with presents unique challenges, too!

Air Handler Renewal: One Goal, Many Factors

AHUs are sophisticated pieces of mechanical equipment. They are situated in the middle of a chilled water loop between the chiller, pumps, and cooling tower. AHU restoration needs vary depending on their size, age, and the type of building they are in. In other words, there is no one size fits all process to air handler renewal.

Importance of Total Project Management

Air handler renewal gets overly complicated when multiple trades are brought in to work on the specific needs of each unit. This increases the project cost and time of completion. From mechanical engineering oversight to testing, cleaning, and coating, managing a restoration project can quickly become a nightmare. That’s why choosing a partner that can manage the entire project is so important.

HVAC New Life Restoration

WTI | Pure Air has a total project management solution for air handler renewal called HVAC New Life. Of course, units are assessed to determine the actual scope of work. Then the AHU is deep cleaned using the proprietary PURE-Steam process. This cleaning includes the coils, blower motor assembly (including the inside) and the interior of the cabinet. Next, the metal components, including the drain pan are primed and refinished with high performance coatings. Finally, mechanical upgrades are undertaken.

Mechanical Upgrades from Assessment can Include:

  • Fan Array Retrofits
  • Fiberglass Free Insulation
  • Coil Replacements
  • Drain Pan Replacements
  • Damper Replacements
  • Access Doors
  • Filter Racks
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication

Project upgrades are overseen by our Mechanical Engineer who is licensed in all 50 states. They include approved and stamped drawings for each restoration project. HVAC New Life also carries a best-in-class 5-year warranty!

Other Project Management Considerations

There are a few other areas that can be put under the umbrella of WTI | Pure Air AHU restoration. For example, smaller AHUs and rooftop exhaust units can also be restored in the overall project. Environmental duct cleaning and sealing, too. Think about it, why would you clean and restore the AHUs but not the ductwork?

Lastly, additional testing, beyond the initial project scope assessment, can be part of the air handler renewal project. Indoor air quality concerns, like mold and bacteria, can be identified in the HVAC system and remediated as part of the restoration. Plus, Test and Balance surveys can be conducted to make sure the relationship between the HVAC system and building envelope is optimal.

WTI | Pure Air provides peace of mind by managing the entire HVAC restoration project for you! This makes your job easier, by not having to deal with each individual component and trade yourself. HVAC New Life air handler renewal offers the single source of compliance and accountability that you need in a trusted partner.

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