Disaster Restoration TIPS Contract for Pure Air Controls

Pure Air Control Services Awarded New Cooperative Purchasing Contracts for Disaster Restoration and Emergency Recovery Services

This two part contract allows The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) cooperative members to quickly and easily procure indoor environmental testing and disaster restoration in their most dire times of need

A new two part contract for Disaster Restoration and Emergency Recovery Services has been competitively solicited and awarded to Pure Air Control Services, Inc. by TIPS.  These contracts will provide a way for members, on a national level, such as city, county, state, education and non-profit agencies to quickly get started with recovery after disaster strikes.

A natural disaster or emergency almost always presents a worst case scenario for facility management and purchasing alike. No matter how well prepared, an event like a fire, flood or storm can been devastating. Even in non-catastrophic best case scenarios, like a small roof leak, or a contained fire, contingent problems can arise and compound quickly. Most times faster than a normal procurement cycle takes. That’s why cooperative purchasing contracts like this play a critical role to staying in front of a crisis situation while keeping costs low.

Consider this, mold begins to proliferate in as little as 48 hours after an unmitigated water event inside a building. As soon as it’s safe to return to a building the dry out and monitoring process must begin to ensure an expedient and successful outcome.

“The longer you wait to get started after a disaster, the worse the issues can become.” says Alan Wozniak, President of Pure Air Control Services, “These new TIPS contracts are so beneficial to their members because it provides a fast track to starting the recovery process. When hours and days are crucial to keeping risks and costs low.”

Pure Air Control Services, Inc. was awarded two contracts Disaster Restoration and Emergency Recovery Services with TIPS. Contract 19050301 and  Contract 19050302 which is specifically designated for JOC. Both contracts cover Pure Air Controls Services vast range of indoor air and environmental quality services. TIPS operates under the strict compliance of Region 8 Education Service Center and their board of directors as the lead public agency in Pittsburg, Texas.

Contract Highlights Includes:

  • Indoor Environmental Project Consulting
  • Building Assessments, Diagnostics and Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • Aerobiological/Microbiological Laboratory Analysis
  • Detailed, easy-to-understand reporting
  • Proprietary HVAC cleaning and restoration
  • Building/Room Disinfection
  • Extensive experience working with government agencies, including Defense clearances
  • Locked-in price ceiling, negotiable based on specific project needs

Pure Air Control Services turn-key experience of working with institutions’ facilities and procurement teams allows disaster related indoor air quality issues to be quickly and efficiently resolved.

One of the main benefits for governmental and educational institutions is that TIPS takes care of the competitive bid process for their members by competitively advertising and awarding vendor partner contracts that can then be used to directly procure goods and services.

The value of using a fully compliant, pre-bid cooperative contract is that it saves the member institution time and money over procuring services through a competitive bid process – a process that can take 60-90 days or longer, from writing the RFP to reviewing the bids and awarding the contract to actually starting the project.  This is extremely helpful when an indoor environmental crisis develops that requires an immediate response.

Nobody knows when a disaster or emergency will strike. Most organizations have detailed plans to minimize risks to both the building and its occupants. Now TIPS members have the tools to swiftly engage recovery efforts when the worst happens.

For more information on these new contracts or other cooperative purchasing vehicles offered by Pure Air Control Services please contact 1-800-422-7873 or email us here.