Safety Stand-Down Week


OSHA Safety Stand-Down Week on Fall Protection is May 2nd-6th. This is a national event in which Pure Air Controls participates annually. Throughout the week, all our field services divisions will seize this opportunity to have a Stand-Down, not only for Fall Protection but to address SAFETY OVERALL. Each team will discuss various safety topics (applicable to their area of expertise and job function) and celebrate our comprehensive safety culture.

This provides for a more exciting and impactful dialogue around all things safety and aids our teams in having honest conversations about the specific safety principles and protocols that most affect their daily tasks. With the help of our Regional/Business Safety Managers, many activities have been planned, ranging from training sessions to week’s end events. We will also send daily safety tidbit communications to all our field team members!

“Lead with Safety” is more than just a motto for Safety Stand-Down Week. It is a standard operating procedure for Pure Air Control Services and all the Tremco CPG businesses. Here is what we stand by.

Safety F.I.R.S.T Approach for Safety Stand-Down Week & Beyond

  • F: Follow Processes – Be Disciplined to each process on every project
  • I: Inform Employees – Daily Task Analysis, Toolbox Talks, Tremco Safety Moments of Truth
  • R: Review effectiveness – Jobsite Safety Audits (iAuditor), injury trend analysis
  • S: Share lessons learned – Incident reporting, Monthly Incident Updates, Safety Summaries
  • T: Train to be better & Safer – OSHA Outreach Training Program – (minimum) 10 Hr. Course for every field employee

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For questions about Safety Stand-Down Week or our training, safety and team building practices please contact us a 1-800-422-7873 or though the contact form on this website. Remember: “Lead with SAFETY”!