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Ready.gov in conjunction with FEMA recognizes National Preparedness Month (NPM) every September. 2018 will focus on planning with: Disaster Happens. Prepare Now. Learn How. Each week will concentrate on a different theme as it relates to overall Preparation.

The 2018 Weekly Themes are as follows:

Week 1: Sept 1-8, Make and Practice Your Plan
Week 2: Sept 9-15, Learn Life Saving Skills
Week 3: Sept 16-22, Check Your Insurance Coverage
Week 4: Sept 23-29, Save For an Emergency

Ready.gov’s webpage for NPM is a very good resource for disaster planning and preparation. It includes links to their toolkit, videos and a link to download the FEMA app.

Do you have a plan in place should the worst happen?

By now most commercial, institutional and governmental facilities have plans in place for disaster management and mitigation. Many of these are categorized by regional concerns, such as earthquakes, hurricanes and wildfires to name a few. If you don’t have a plan you should. But does your plan include Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) contingencies?

IAQ problems are common occurrences after disasters, especially with hurricanes, water intrusion and extended loss of power in climate-controlled buildings. Being a Florida based IAQ services firm, Pure Air Control Services knows a thing or two about Hurricane preparedness and returning to normal operations after the storm. One of the major considerations in executing an emergency plan is having key contracts in place with preferred partners before the storm happens.

Pure Air Controls is building upon Ready’s NPM awareness campaign by offering a FREE webinar entitled “IAQ in the Eye of the Storm: Hurricane Preparedness and Response” on Wednesday, September 5 at 2pm ET.

This online education event will detail ways to implement a Hurricane Preparation and Response Plan for restoring optimal IAQ to affected buildings affects after the storm. The session will be hosted by Frank Santini, Pure Air Control’s Director of Client Education and Strategic Initiatives. An expert guest panel will be brought in to discuss topics to their areas of expertise.

Karl Stefan, Industrial Hygienist in the Building Sciences Division of Pure Air Control Services, Inc. will outline the steps of baseline IAQ testing, building envelope evaluation and areas of the indoor environment that can be vulnerable during hurricane/storm conditions and the aftermath.

Rony Iraq, QA/QC Manager for Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory at Pure Air Control Services, Inc. will examine the conditions under which microbial proliferation thrives post hurricane and some of the frequent hazards it presents.

Dan Foster, IAQ Solutions Specialist at Pure Air will talk about best practices for prepping HVAC equipment to weather a storm as well as post hurricane restoration solutions centered around the AHU and ductwork.

All in all this will be an informative quickfire session to get you started with your Hurricane/Storm plan or re-thinking your existing one. It will be an interactive webinar with an open chat forum for questions as well as personalized follow up should you need further professional consultation.

IAQ in the Eye of the Storm: Hurricane Preparedness and Response
Wednesday, September 5 at 2pm ET

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