HVAC During Building Closures

Shelter-in-place orders in states across the country have caused many businesses to cease operations. Until the COVID-19 pandemic is brought under control many facilities will remain empty. While we provide Coronavirus solutions like verification and clearance testing, as well as disinfection services, underlying IAQ and HVAC conditions drastically affect viral spread and return occupancy.  Plus, facilities managers know, an empty building is not a worry-free building. Security and maintenance issues must get addressed. The silver lining in this is that a building shutdown, however temporary, is a good time to perform preventive maintenance and keep indoor air quality at proper levels. Maintaining IAQ and HVAC during building closures is critical to reopening the building for occupancy.

Maintenance for HVAC during closures ensures that IAQ issues get resolved and systems get inspected, cleaned, and serviced. The benefits are a safer work environment for occupants when operations resume and a better return on investment on systems equipment and building materials.

Opportunity for Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a plan to prevent problems from occurring. Potential issues could include predictable things resulting from general wear and tear or unforeseen emergencies such as flooding or periods of extreme hot or cold temperatures. The alternative is reactive maintenance which means responding to problems as they occur in a never-ending game of whack-a-mole. Reactive maintenance is more disruptive to daily workflow and more expensive in the long term.

During periods of building closures, preventive maintenance, such as inspections and service calls on HVAC systems, can be performed with no disruption to workflow. Projects get completed fast and multiple jobs get performed at the same time.

HVAC Preventive Maintenance Checklist

A good plan for preventive maintenance should include four action items. There is the initial inspection to look for potential issues. Detection is when those issues get discovered. Correction addresses these issues and prevention seeks to stop the issue from occurring in the future.

Inspections are key to creating a safe work environment. In terms of indoor air quality, inspections may reveal signs of water intrusion such as mold or pooling water. Moisture in the building may result in Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) which causes headaches, runny nose, and throat irritation in building occupants. Eliminating the conditions that cause SBS protects workers and prevents missed workdays and damage to building materials and equipment. Once the conditions that cause poor IAQ have been discovered the next step is corrective action. This could include cleaning coils and replacing outdated or worn parts.

Prevention helps maintain proper IAQ and keeps HVAC systems functioning at peak levels. An effective way to ensure optimal IAQ and energy efficiency is with HVAC New Life™ restoration. Since the basic mechanics of HVAC systems have not changed much over the years, restoration is a better, less expensive option over a complete replacement. A combination of services and applications restores and protects HVAC systems. This includes the Pure-Cell insulation system, a Pure-Coat multi-coat siloxane coating, Pure-Liner drain pan protection, and a Pure-Steam hygienic cleaning. Also, a complete retrofit of the ECM fan array extends the life of the system as does the replacement of outside air dampers, fans, motors, compressors, and controls.

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance to IAQ

Preventive maintenance increases the life of equipment which increases its output and productivity. It is the less expensive option and keeps people and property safe. It prevents breakdowns which could result in work stoppages. Preventive maintenance on HVAC during closures helps maintain proper indoor air quality.

IAQ is an important component of facility management and proper guidance on HVAC is necessary when buildings are closed. Verification of IAQ readings keeps facilities managers one step ahead and makes for a smoother transition back to previous occupancy levels.

How We Help With HVAC During Building Closures

Take advantage of a temporary building closure and schedule a complete Building Health Check to evaluate indoor environmental conditions. Contact Pure Air Control Services. We are an IAQ and HVAC system-focused company in operation since 1984. Our HVAC Hygiene Assessment identifies mold and allergens, contaminant risk, moisture, temperature and humidity levels resulting in a detailed report of remedial recommendations. Schedule a consultation today! 1-800-422-7873 or email us.