NEWS RELEASE: June 09, 2015

 Clearwater, FL — In response to some recent media stories, there has been some confusion regarding Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory’s (EDLab) proficiency and accreditation in testing for formaldehyde. In short, all samples that EDLab provided its customers were and continue to be processed by our partner labs that are accredited for formaldehyde analysis by the AIHA-LAP, LLC under the scope of Industrial Hygiene Laboratory Accreditation Program (IHLAP).

Pure Air Control Services Test Kit AccreditationTo clarify, the collection devices from the testing kits sent to Lumber Liquidators’ customers by Building Health Check, LLC (a manufacturer of over 22 DIY IAQ Test kits) and were received by Pure Air Control Services/EDLab.

EDLab provides environmental analytics for environmental microbiology analysis at its in-house laboratory, and outsources other testing (such as for formaldehyde) to one of its partner laboratories.

To be clear, all of EDLab’ formaldehyde partner laboratories are AIHA-LAP, LLC accredited for formaldehyde analysis.

All of the test kits submitted by Lumber Liquidators’ customers are based on the passive badge sampling method to measure formaldehyde in the indoor air.
To allow for further transparency, in the case of samples submitted by Lumber Liquidators’ customers, each end users lab report identifies which partner lab has performed the analysis of their specific sample.

Also, to say EDLab’s AIHA microbiology accreditation has been “stripped” is misunderstood. EDLab has been associated with the AIHA proficiency program for over 20 years and has maintained accreditation with AIHA-LAP, LLC for environmental microbiology in good standing since 2003. That accreditation had been temporarily “suspended,” and we are complying with AIHA’s requests to regain that accreditation as soon as possible.

Lastly, we’d like to clarify that Lumber Liquidators purchased these test kits from Building Health Check, LLC to send to Lumber Liquidators’ customers
The purpose of the first response Formaldehyde Screen Check (FOSC) test kits is to provide a preliminary assessment that identifies the level of formaldehyde in ppm in the ambient air.

EDLab, with its partner labs, only provides analytical results for the samples it receives.

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