HEPA fights coronavirus with large volume filtration devices

Indoor air quality has always been a concern for building and facilities managers. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic only highlights the need for safety in the indoor environment. This includes choosing the correct filters and maintaining them. For example, it’s recommended that HEPA fights coronavirus the best of all filter products. However, removing contaminated filters is a messy job that exposes building engineers and maintenance staff to potential contamination.

Large volume HEPA air filters are an effective way to rid the air of mold, dust, bacteria, and pathogens without requiring staff to change out dirty filters. A variety of facility types use large volume HEPA filtration. This not only includes in hospitals and aircraft cabins, but retail environments, auditoriums, and office settings as well. They are key in preventing the spread of airborne viruses as large volume HEPA fights coronavirus which causes COVID-19.

HEPA Fights Coronavirus

Air that is free from contamination is important for the health and safety of building occupants. So, large-volume HEPA filtration machines alleviate concerns about indoor air quality. These devices are used in both everyday operations as well as ongoing remediation efforts. These filtration systems work around the clock to remove particles and pathogens including the coronavirus. Finally, these devices also remove other harmful particles such as dust from manufacturing or new construction projects.

HEPA fight coronavirus with SmartBox technology

SmartBox particulate collection bins ensure maximum safety for disposal.

Pure Air Control’s PURE-Blue HEPA is a true two-stage particle collector that uses ultra-quiet fans and a patented dust collector system using Smartbox technology. The filters use negative air pressure to remove contaminants then remain sealed until pick up. So, building staff never face exposure to contaminants. Installation and removal are quick and easy and can be used with existing ductwork. The system moves all inside air through the filter using a steady airflow in one direction at the same speed. Harmful particles get removed which allows visitors and facility staff to breathe clean air. Air filtration improves air quality and keeps staff members safe. Healthy workers are happier and more productive with less missed workdays.

Who Can Use Large Volume HEPA Filtration?

In the age of global pandemics indoor air quality has never been more important. That’s why facilities that house large gatherings of people, such as sports arenas and the auditoriums of universities are good candidates for PURE-Blue HEPA filtration.

Similar HEPA filtration systems get used in operating rooms and airplane cabins where they clean and circulate air to keep occupants safe. Therefore, large volume HEPA is also effective for use in schools, office buildings, and other public places. Building owners and managers rent systems, such as the PURE-Blue HEPA, for events or install them permanently.

HEPA fights coronavirus but is also effective in removing dust containing particles of:

  • Active metals
  • Asbestos
  • Bio-waste
  • Compounds
  • Hexavalent chromium
  • Silica

Large volume HEPA fights coronavirus and cleans the air in manufacturing plants, convention centers, commercial office buildings, sports arenas, large music venues, and big-box retail spaces.

Example of how HEPA fights coronavirus

PURE-Blue HEPA quickly and efficiently removes air, filters it and replaces it in large volumes.

Learn More About PURE-Blue HEPA

Pure Air Control helps facilities use HEPA to fight coronavirus. We offer solutions to indoor environmental quality and indoor air quality concerns. To find out more about how our PURE-Blue HEPA filters can help you create a cleaner indoor environment, contact Pure Air Controls today.