Indoor Air Quality Videos

Watch and learn about our valuable IAQ solutions.

Below are informative indoor air quality videos about our specialized divisions, processes, services, and industry related education, such a new stories, seminars and webinar replays. As new media becomes available we will post it here. You can also view all new and archival videos our YouTube channel!

Professional IAQ Services

PURE-Decon Efficacy: Office

PURE-Decon Efficacy: Break Room

PURE-Decon Private Club Gym

HVAC New Life with Fan Array

HVAC New Life Walk Around

PURE-Steam HVAC Cleaning

PURE-Steam FCU Cleaning

Cooling Tower Cleaning

HVAC Hygiene Assessment

Pure Air Control’s Divisions

PURE-Duct Cleaning

IAQ Guard Vision Award

Environmental Coronavirus Testing

Certified Healthy Building Case Study

Certified Healthy Gym Case Study

In the News

Sick Building Syndrome on Fox News

Building Sciences on ABC News

EDLab on ABC News

BRS on ABC News

DIY Test Kits on ABC News

IAQ Education

Taking Care of Building Health

Managing COVID-19 in Facilities

Coronavirus Solutions for Buildings

Legionella: Rapid Response

Human Skins & Building Health

Hurricane Prep & Response

To view more long format seminar presentations and playlists, as well as older, archival, indoor air quality videos please visit our YouTube channel.