Indoor Air Quality Month

Indoor Air Quality Month is traditionally held in October of each year by IAQA. Of course, its purpose is to bring awareness to the important topic of indoor air quality. But there has never been as important time as now to focus on IAQ, than in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.  In reality, for Pure Air Controls every month is IAQ month. We endeavor each day to find and fix IAQ issues for our customers to create healthier buildings and, in turn, healthier occupants.

Indoor Air Quality Month Facts

Think about this. We are very concerned with how clean the water we drink is. There is also much awareness about outside air pollution. But did you know that humans breathe nearly 3000 gallons of air a day and spend 90% of our time indoors? We do.

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 1 out of 4 buildings in the U.S. is affected by Sick Building Syndrome. The World Health Organization puts that number at 1 out 3 worldwide. Indoor Air Quality Month lets us know that time is now to address IAQ issues within the built environment!

IAQ and COVID-19

The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought intense focus to underlying baseline conditions within a building. Indoor Air Quality Month raises the bar during this ongoing crisis. Buildings that have been shut down now face a myriad of problems when reopening. Problems that also contribute to the transmission of the virus. These include increased microbial proliferation of molds and bacteria, as well as the accumulation of particulate matter, to name a few.

Recently ASHRAE released guidance for buildings that remain shuttered and those reopening under pandemic conditions. The main takeaways are increased outside air, more flushing and better filtration. Finally, frequent systems inspection and maintenance is strongly recommended.

Finding Issues

Pure Air Controls has two highly specialized divisions that test and diagnose indoor air quality issues. Building Sciences provides full environmental evaluations with their Building Health Check program. They also focus specifically on the air conveyance system with their HVAC Hygiene and Performance Assessment. Finally, Building Sciences also equips our customers with 24/7 real-time monitoring through our IAQ Guard program.

Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory is unique with their focuses on aerobiology and mycology or the study of mold. They are A2LA and CDC Elite Program certified. Not only does EDLab excel in all aspects of IAQ contaminants, but they also are highly skilled at environmental Legionella and Coronavirus Testing.

Engineered Solutions

Building Remediation Sciences (BRS) at Pure Air Control Services provides engineered solutions to optimize indoor air quality. Many of these services are specifically designed for the HVAC system since ventilation, particulates, temperature and relative humidity all play a vital role to IAQ. These services include PURE-Steam AHU/Coil cleaning, HVAC New Life restoration and PURE-Duct cleaning.

BRS also tackles building decontamination and mold remediation projects within buildings. In fact, they have developed a multi-level approach to building disinfection that leverages their mechanical experience to address COVID-19 transmission in the HVAC system! Least but not least Building Remediation Sciences also installs PURE Plasma bipolar ionization devices and True HEPA in-room air purifiers that essentially create “self-healing” buildings.

Make IAQ a Priority Every Month

Indoor air quality is something we should never take for granted. That’s why you should make every month Indoor Air Month! Pure Air Controls will help make your building a Certified Pure Air Indoor Environment with our healthy buildings program. Contact us today to get started.