Indoor Air Quality Case Studies

Real world data. Real world results.

At WTI | Pure Air Control Services we are data driven throughout all of our building diagnostics services, environmental laboratory analysis and IAQ/HVAC remediation services. All of our services are accompanied by a thorough report and photo log (where applicable). Every time we perform our proprietary PURE-Steam HVAC cleaning process we conduct before and after M&V testing to evaluate performance.  Please find below case studies in PDF format that demonstrate the value added from our indoor air quality and performance driven services.


HVAC Restoration at UTSA

Healthy Building Program: City

PURE-Steam at Harvard

PURE-Steam at GA Tech

PURE-Steam at FSU

PURE-Steam at USF

HVAC New Life K-12

HVAC New Life Hospital

PURE-Steam at NYC Hospital

PURE-Coat Exhaust Hoods

PURE-Steam Campbell U

PURE-Decon Javits Center

Amalie Arena Air Purification

Hospitality Room IAQ Case Study

Hospitality FCU Performance

PURE-Steam Resort Hotel Case Study

PURE-Steam Resort Hotel

PURE-Steam Winn Dixie Case Study

PURE-Steam Winn Dixie

Indoor Air Quality White Papers

Peer reviewed, published research papers.

Indoor air quality white papers can be found below in PDF format. These indoor air quality white papers represent in-depth research and findings relative to their topic of study. They have been thoroughly cited, peer reviewed and published for public consumption. If you have any questions about the content or would like to request a live presentation on any of these indoor air quality white papers please contact us.

Bipolar Ionization Whitepaper Icon

Bipolar Ionization

Human Skin Cells as Building Contaminants Indoor Air Quality White Paper

Human Skin Cells

PURE-Steam White Paper Published by CABA

Evaluation of Steam Cleaning