Indoor Air Quality Brochures

Learn About our Valuable IAQ Capabilities & Services

Please find below indoor air quality brochures in PDF format that will educate and inform you on what sets Pure Air Control’s services apart from other environmental services companies. These brochures explain our affiliations, accreditations, processes and training to help you understand our commitment to quality outcomes. Click to view, and from there you can copy the link or download the document to send to colleagues who might also be interested in improving the health, comfort and energy efficiency of their buildings.

Healthy Building Programs

Healthy Building Program

Healthy Schools Indoor Air Quality Brochure

Healthy Schools Program

Certified Pure Air Healthcare Environment

Certified Healthcare Environment


Certified Healthy Gym Program

Certified Hypoallergenic Guest Room Brochure

Hypoallergenic Guest Rooms

Building Sciences

HVAC Conditions Assessment

Building Health Check Indoor Air Quality Brochures

Building Health Check

Building Remediation Sciences Services

HVAC New Life Restoration

Q-Pac Fan Array HVAC New Life Upgrade

HVAC New Life Q-Pac Fan Array

HVAC New Life Comparison

HVAC New Life Certifications Icon

HVAC New Life Certifications

PURE-Steam HVAC Coil Cleaning

PURE-Steam Standard Operating Procedures

PURE-Steam Restore SOP

PURE-Steam Comparisons

PURE-Steam Portable Units

PURE-Steam Portable Units

PURE-Coat and PURE-Coil Overview

PURE-Coat/PURE-Coil Overview

Pure-Coat and PURE-Coil Spec Sheet

PURE-Coil Specifications

PURE-Cell Indoor Air Quality Brochure

PURE-Cell HVAC Insulation

PURE-Duct Hygienic Cleaning

View PURE-Decon Brochure

PURE-Decon Disinfection

PURE_blue Large Volume HEPA Filtration

PURE-Blue Large Volume HEPA

PURE-HEPA Portable Air Filtration

PURE-HEPA Portable Air Filtration

PURE+AreaMax Air Purification

True HEPA Air Purification