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Please find below published indoor air quality articles in PDF format that demonstrates the the industry’s interest in Pure Air Control Services.

PACS Construction Tech Review Icon

A Prescriptive Approach to IAQ
Construction Tech Review
April 2021

PURE-Steam Facility Executive December 2020

Prescriptive HVAC Treatment
Facility Executive
December 2020

INC. 5000 top environmental firm 2020

INC. 5000
Top Environmental Firm
October 2020

HVAC New Life HVAC/R JAN 2020

HVAC New Life
January 2020

HVAC-P Magazine HVAC New LIfe Retrofit Winter 2020

HVAC New Life Retrofit
Winter 2019/2020

Facility Exec Magazine Article DEC 2019

HVAC Deferred Maintenance
Facility Executive
December 2019

Energy Services Today HVAC Restoration DEC 2019

HVAC Restoration
Energy Services Today
Nov/Dec 2019

HVAC New Life Wins Buildings Cost Saving Product 2019

HVAC New Life Cost Savings
April 2019

BSM Magazine March 2019

The Ecology of Legionella
Building Services Management
March 2019

HVAC New Life Indoor Air Quality Article

Maintaining Aging AHUs
Building Services Management
February 2019

HVAC Restoration Indoor Air Quality Article

New Life for HVAC
Building Services Management
November 2018

Legionella Indoor Air Quality Article

Understanding Legionella
Building Services Management
December 2018

HVAC Hygienic Restoration Indoor Air Quality Article

New Life for Old Equipment
Fall 2018

Minority Business Indoor Air Quality Article

MBE Company Profile
FSMSDC Newsletter

HVAC New Life Service Indoor Air Quality Article

Clean & Clear
Summer 2018

Pure Steam Indoor Air Quality Article

Green Cleaning – PURE-Steam
Spring 2017