Improve Ventilation by Cleaning HVAC Systems


We’ve learned a lot about the SARS-CoV-2 virus over the past year. For example, we know that the virus spreads more easily indoors. We also know that improving ventilation reduces viral particle concentration. This lowers the risk of building occupants inhaling these particles or coming in contact with them on hard surfaces. Better ventilation does not require replacing existing mechanical systems, however. That said, any effort to improve ventilation requires a commitment to keep HVAC equipment clean. 

Increased outside air won’t be as effective if it has to pass through clogged HVAC systems. Dirty evaporator coils make the system much less effective. For example, a build-up of dirt and debris as small as 3/16th of an inch drops coil efficiency by as much as 21 percent. This is also true for equipment placed in the ductwork such as VAV terminal boxes and reheat coils. When fresh air dampers and vents become fouled, they may stop opening and closing properly or even fail. The same is true for the turning vanes within the ductwork. Therefore ASHRAE recommends systems evaluations, inspections, and maintenance to improve ventilation.

Improve Ventilation 

Improve Ventilation with AHU and Duct Cleaning

VAV Coil Before and After Steam Cleaning

As was mentioned, occupying a building after or even during the COVID-19 pandemic does not mean the replacement of the HVAC system. Facilities managers improve ventilation through consultation with experienced HVAC systems professionals. For example, Pure Air Control Services helps buildings reopen safely by, not just meeting ASHRAE’s COVID-19 guidance, but exceeding it. We do this through systems evaluations, inspection, and a comprehensive maintenance plan. Our PURE-Steam, PURE-Duct, and HVAC New Life services improve ventilation and efficiency and prevent latent contaminants within the HVAC system from spreading into the occupied space.

5 Ways to Improve Ventilation

Here are five way Pure Air Control Services improves ventilation for a safe reopening after COVID-19.

1. HVAC Assessment

The HVAC Hygiene Assessment gives building managers the data on the impact of their HVAC system on the indoor air quality (IAQ) of their buildings. The assessment and inspection of the air handling unit for cleanliness includes the evaporator coils, drain pan, blower, and ductwork. Performance testing helps determine the impact on pressure and airflow across the evaporator coils. Our environmental lab tests the samples taken from the AHU to look for the presence of bacteria or fungi. At the end of the assessment, a detailed report gives facilities managers recommendations to improve ventilation.

2. PURE Steam AHU/Coil Deep Cleaning

Our PURE-Steam system disinfects the coils and AHU using steam heated to temperatures up to 350° F. This kills bacteria and fungi, including mold while also removing allergens and neutralizing musty odors. This system also pushes dust and debris through the coil. As a result,  airflow and Delta P (pressure) improve which saves money on operational costs.

3. PURE Duct Hygienic Duct Cleaning

This system goes deep inside of the ductwork using high-pressure air turbulence. As a result, all of that built-up dust and debris gets knocked out and collected by an industrial-strength vacuum system fitted with a HEPA filter.

4. HVAC New Life Restoration/Refurbishment

HVAC New Life™restoration is a combination of services and applications that restores HVAC systems. Included in the restoration are the Pure-Cell insulation system and a PURE-Coat multi-coat siloxane coating. Also, PURE-Liner drain pan protection is added and PURE-Steam hygienic cleaning is performed plus a retrofit of the ECM fan array with the Q-PAC Fan lengthens the lifespan of the entire system and improves ventilation.

5. Large Volume HEPA to Improve Ventilation

Larger indoor spaces require bigger efforts. This includes the use of large-volume HEPA filtration machines to help these larger facilities reopen after the coronavirus pandemic. Venues such as sports arenas, hospitals, convention centers, big-box retailers, office buildings, and manufacturing plants benefit from this large-scale effort to improve ventilation indoors. 

Improve Ventilation for a Safe Reopening

In conclusion, our complete list of IAQ services helps buildings reopen safely after the pandemic. They exceed the guidelines set by ASHRAE and reduce the risk of virus transmission. This not only allows buildings to reopen safely but also improves the efficiency of HVAC systems and reduces operational costs. Get started today. Contact Pure Air Control Services by calling 1-800-422-7873 or email us here.