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Environmental Studies Require Accredited Laboratory Services

We understand the need for healthy indoor environments. Safe air and water are important for hospitals, schools, universities, office buildings, and all commercial businesses. That’s why the accredited laboratory services at WTI | Pure Air strives to lead the country in environmental studies. In July 2021 the lab was acquired by Tremco, a division of RPM International. We continue to operate at 4911 Creekside Drive in Clearwater, Florida where we analyze samples submitted from both private and public industries. Environmental Studies Overview  Founded as the Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDLab) in 1994, our accredited laboratory services have enjoyed a stellar reputation as a leader in the field of environmental microbiology. Throughout its decades-long history, the lab has analyzed approximately 750,000 samples. In addition to microbiology, the laboratory also specializes in environmental studies including indoor air quality (IAQ), aerobiology, and allergen testing. We also conduct product efficacy testing to assist our clients with microbial and environmental management.  Aerobiology and Allergens Using cutting-edge technology, our lab technicians analyze both non-viable and viable environmental microbes as well as biological and a-biological ...
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Bioaerosol Testing Indoors

We can’t see air, of course, but it contains both gasses and solid particles. The tiny particles found in the air, known as aerosols, contain biological and chemical components. The makeup of these components determines air quality. Indoors, biological aerosols, or bioaerosols, include viruses, fungi, and bacteria. Aerosols impact the health of building occupants. Therefore, to maintain good indoor air quality, bioaerosol testing indoors is recommended. Bioaerosol Testing Indoors Maintaining healthy indoor air quality (IAQ) is a concern for business owners and facilities managers. The many negative effects of poor IAQ include illness, loss of productivity, and impaired cognitive functioning. It makes sense then that building managers want to maintain good IAQ. However, before correcting IAQ issues, it’s important to test the indoor environmental conditions. That’s where bioaerosol testing indoors plays an important role. Examples of Bioaerosols As we mentioned above, aerosols are microscopic particles found floating in the air. Bioaerosols, specifically, are particles with a biological origin.  Bioaerosols include:
  • Viruses (including the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19)
  • Mycoplasma
  • Bacteria
  • Fungi
  • Pollen
  • Dust mites
  • Insects and ...
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Fixing School Indoor Air Quality

Even as COVID variants continue to cause unease for Americans, the number of cases has dropped in the US. As people return to the workplace, employers, business owners, and building managers focus on creating safe indoor environments. But what about students? As students return to class, fixing school indoor air quality is more important than ever.  Clean air is important, not just for larger health threats like COVID, but also for daily irritants like particles and allergens. For example, daily exposure to asthma triggers such as dust, mold, and even cleaners and disinfectants can trigger asthma attacks in children. These indoor pollutants cause classroom disruption and absenteeism that negatively impacts learning. Teachers and other staff remain at risk too. Long-term exposure to PM2.5 particles can cause health issues such as heart and lung disease. Fixing school indoor air quality is a step towards creating a healthier environment for all.  Get Help with Fixing School IAQ Poor ventilation in school buildings and overcrowded classrooms contribute to poor indoor air quality. Many schools are located close to roads and ...
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How the VAV Box Affects IAQ

Facilities managers know the importance of maintaining the HVAC system in their buildings. These systems provide fresh clean air and control temperatures and that keeps building occupants comfortable. Commercial buildings have different needs than homes and their HVAC systems adjust performance based on thermal zones. This is done with a VAV box. This system is more efficient, but it's important to consider how the VAV box affects IAQ as well. What is a VAV System?  In HVAC, a Constant Air Volume (CAV) system delivers a continuous supply of air. This is the HVAC system found in many homes. For commercial HVAC systems, however, it’s not as simple as the on and off settings you find in home systems. In larger buildings with many rooms of different sizes, this system is not effective in maintaining comfortable temperatures throughout. Therefore, it’s important to use a system that varies airflow. That’s what the Variable Air Volume (VAV) does. It varies the airflow but at a steady temperature. What is a VAV Box? A simple VAV system supplies air through a ...
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Reduce COVID Risk With These Healthy Building Strategies

As the COVID pandemic continues to affect people and businesses globally, our understanding of the virus deepens. This better understanding allows the medical community to advise building owners and managers on healthy building strategies to reduce COVID risk. For example, a recent report from the Lancet COVID-19 Commission details four strategies building owners and facilities managers should implement to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission. The commission’s report advises concentrating efforts on reducing the aerosol transmission of the virus through filtration and ventilation. 4 Healthy Building Strategies to Reduce COVID Risk Implementing the following four healthy building strategies helps reduce COVID risk. Facilities managers who use these strategies to improve filtration and ventilation create safer indoor environments for building occupants. 1. Improve HVAC Systems The first step for creating healthy building strategies to reduce COVID risk is improving and maintaining HVAC systems. WTI -- Pure Air Control Services offers a suite of services to health facilities managers do this. HVAC Hygiene Assessment Toward the goal of reducing COVID risk, an HVAC Hygiene Assessment provides building owners with ...
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