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IAQ Challenges in 2022

We started 2022 in fear of Omnicron, which at the time was the latest variant of the coronavirus. With Omnicron's arrival, it seemed as though the pandemic would never end. At the time, the future of the economy and the reopening of schools looked uncertain. However, as businesses and schools addressed IAQ challenges, they did reopen and things started getting back to a new normal. The new normal in a post-COIVD world means improving indoor air quality for workers and students as well as for patients in medical facilities and customers of retail establishments. It also means using new strategies for coping with viruses and new technologies to monitor and respond to changing indoor conditions. Addressing IAQ in the Workplace As mentioned, Omicron was the latest IAQ challenge as the year began. As a result of rising concerns, we used this space to focus on the fundamentals of HVAC hygiene. That includes regular inspections of AC coils to ensure proper ventilation of indoor air and a lowered risk of virus transmission.  We continued to stress the need ...
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How The Building Envelope Impacts IAQ

Providing a safe, healthy environment for workers requires proper indoor air quality. The same is true for visitors to retail outlets, medical clinics, gyms, and restaurants. It’s also true for homes and apartment buildings. When problems arise that affect the integrity of the building envelope, IAQ suffers. Therefore, facilities managers need to understand how the building envelope impacts IAQ.  How The Building Envelope Impacts IAQ The building envelope separates the interior and exterior of a building. It protects the inside environment from the elements of rain and snow. When functioning as intended, it prevents flooding and excess moisture from entering and causing mold problems. The building envelope also keeps drafts from entering around doors and windows. It includes mechanical systems within the building. It helps create healthy indoor air. When cracks form in the foundation or roofs become compromised, this is when the building envelope impacts IAQ. Since we spend the majority of our time indoors, it’s important to address how IAQ impacts the building environment. In North America, for example, adults spend 87 percent of their ...
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Clearance Testing for Mold in Your Building

If you suspect a water intrusion issue in a building you own or manage, it’s important to get clearance testing for mold. This process is a part of creating a safe work environment for staff and visitors to a building. It also assures building occupants that their well-being is important to management. Testing either follows remediation or occurs as a benchmark for the progress of such efforts. For our part, WTI | Pure Air Services provides mold clearance testing for schools, businesses, and government agencies.  Reasons for Clearance Testing for Mold The Environmental Protection Agency provides guidelines on the mold remediation process. This includes finding a remediation manager or qualified IAQ firm to identify the source. Once contracted, inspections and assessments follow. After corrective action, clearance testing for mold is the next step. This verifies the effectiveness of removal efforts. It also ensures that the initial source for the issue gets identified and removed or corrected. A part of a healthy workplace is providing safe indoor environmental conditions. Bacteria, mold, and other fungi affect health indoors. Mold ...
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Flooding Threatens IAQ After Hurricane Ian

In late September of 2022, Hurricane Ian wreaked havoc across Western Cuba and the Southeastern United States. The storm reached peak intensity as it approached Florida where it caused billions of dollars in damages. Ian also resulted in the deaths of 126 in the state as well as fatalities in South Carolina and Virginia. The Category 4 Hurricane was the worst to hit the Sunshine State in almost a century. Millions lost power and flooding after the initial storm was a serious threat. Even as rising waters recede, flooding threatens IAQ for folks still recovering from massive storm damage. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) helps communities affected by tropical storms and the resulting flooding that threatens IAQ. This government organization sends Disaster Survivor Assistance Teams (DSAT) into communities to assess their needs and offers resources to help them recover. At the same time, indoor air quality (IAQ) firms provide services to identify risks and address them with cost-effective methods. Flooding Threatens IAQ  The initial danger of flooding after hurricanes is concerning enough, but it's the way ...
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Winter HVAC Preparations Begin in the Fall

The 2023 Old Farmer’s Almanac offers some interesting news for the US for this winter. The almanac calls it “a tale of two winters.” That means mild temps for the western states and cold and snowy for the Midwest and the East Coast. According to the almanac, southern US states can also expect lower temps in 2023 with higher precipitation for the southeast. No matter where you live, however, the time to start winter HVAC preparations is now. Below is a list of things you can do to prepare your commercial or residential system for the coming season. Commercial Winter HVAC Preparations The following is a list of winter HVAC prep for commercial buildings.  Inspect the HVAC System While inspections of mechanical systems are always recommended, the fall is an excellent time to do it. A good place to start is with an HVAC Hygiene Assessment to verify the cleanliness and performance of the system. An assessment gives building managers an accurate measure of how well their system performs. It’s also a key part of maintaining good ...
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