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HVAC New Life Chosen as a Money-Saving Product by BUILDINGS Media

Innovative HVAC restoration solution from Pure Air Control Services joins an elite group of 65 products and services showcased online at buildings.com. BUILDINGS has selected HVAC New Life restoration as a 2019 Money-Saving Products winner. The editorial staff evaluated finalists for their money-saving qualities. Criteria such as energy efficiency, water savings, and improved maintenance were important considerations. What is HVAC New Life? HVAC New Life combines proprietary and specialized services to restore aging mechanical equipment. Air handling units (AHUs) get cleaned and refinished to provide many more years of service. Thus, building owners can realize better HVAC performance without purchasing new equipment. The HVAC New Life “PURE” Process Pure Air Control Services is an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) driven firm. Improving building health, occupant comfort and energy efficiency is our focus. HVAC New Life provides a money-saving, sustainable, solution that meets this ethos. Here’s the essential components to a HVAC New Life project. PURE-Steam This process uses high temperature and low pressure steam to deep clean HVAC coils. It removes debris that blocks airflow and decreases system ...
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How Plains Flooding Affects IAQ

With recent spring storms and snows melts impacting the plains we take a look at how flooding affects IAQ (Indoor Air Quality). Nearly 10 million people were under flood warnings as of Monday, March 18 in the Midwest and Mississippi Valley. According to Nebraska Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) 74 cities, 65 counties and four tribal areas have been declared states of emergency in the wake of the flooding. The flooding was produced by a hurricane like “bomb cyclone” that created a blizzard and subsequent rapid snow melts. Federal Aid Coming Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts along with U.S. Senator Deb Fischer said they will seek federal disaster aid from the Trump administration. Vice President Mike Pence will tour the affected area with Governor Ricketts in the coming days to assess the extent of flooding damages. "This really is the most devastating flooding we've probably ever had in our state's history, from the standpoint of how widespread it is," Gov. Pete Ricketts said Monday. “The state is expediting a request for federal disaster declaration." Said Bryan Tuma, NEMA's assistant ...
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Building Health Check and Carrier Enterprise Align to Provide IAQ Test Kits

Do-it-yourself IAQ test kits now available through Carrier Enterprise, LLC e-commerce websites Building Health Check, LLC (BHC, LLC) in conjunction with Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDLab) at Pure Air Control Services, Inc. are pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Carrier Enterprise, LLC (CE) to provide comprehensive indoor air quality (IAQ) testing solutions to their customers. Carrier Enterprise and their affiliate companies are a leading supplier of the best brands of aftermarket parts, instruments and expertise to the HVAC industry. IAQ and The HVAC System It's well known that the HVAC system can affect IAQ. This is because the HVAC regulates the exchange of air throughout a building. Therefore, contaminants within the building envelope or equipment can be easily distributed through the conveyance of air by the HVAC system. Indoor pollution can take many forms including, but not limited to, bacteria, fungi/mold, particulate matter, and volatile organic compounds (VOC). The contaminants can be airborne or settle on surfaces. Above all they can negatively affect the well-being of building occupants. Since both commercial and residential mechanical contractors are the ...
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Florida Education Facilities Learn Importance of Good Indoor Air Quality

Pure Air Control Services is a Platinum Sponsor of the Florida Association of Physical Plant Administrator’s 15th Annual Conference “Charting the Course to Greatness”. Each year the Florida chapter of APPA (FLAPPA) holds their annual conference to learn about and discuss topics related to the management of the buildings and facilities within their education institutions. Pure Air Control Services is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor for the 2019 Conference being held on the campus of the University of Central Florida, March 13-15. Mission of the Association FLAPPA’s stated purpose is to foster mutually supportive objectives among Florida education facilities, both at the college and K-12 levels. They promote relationships that provide personal and professional development through leadership, educational and networking opportunities for all facilities personnel. FLAPPA also aids and supports APPA at the global level. To that end, Pure Air Control Services will be at booth 3 promoting positive indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions available to Florida education facilities. In additional Pure Air Control Services will also be presenting an hour long presentation on the topic ...
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Indoor Air Quality Critical For Well-Being

The World Health Organization (WHO) establishes that health is one of the fundamental rights that every human being must have. They define it as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not only the absence of diseases. Despite this, it is increasingly common for the medical community to present data on the dangers of exposure to air pollution, especially indoor air quality. A Few IAQ Facts We spend 90% of our time indoors, with our work, education, and leisure, and we breathe around 3,000 gallons of air a day. The indoor air quality (IAQ) is critical for well-being. Shouldn’t we be thinking about how IAQ impacts our lives? Optimum IAQ, as determined by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), is “air in occupied spaces in which there are no known or expected contaminants at concentrations likely to be harmful and no conditions that are likely to be associated with occupant health or comfort complaints and air with which virtually no occupants express dissatisfaction.” The need to control and maintain an ...
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