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COVID-19 Disinfection Questions

Viral infections are serious. You want to make sure your business and commercial property are safe for both staff and visitors. This requires a plan for COVID-19 disinfection from a company you can trust. With so many businesses harmed by the coronavirus, many vendors compete for contracts. Yet, not all have the certifications or experience needed to do the job right. Before choosing a vendor, it’s important to ask the right COVID-19 disinfection questions. Top 3 COVID-19 Disinfection Questions Here is a list of the top three questions you need to ask any company before you hire them to disinfect your facilities. 1. How much experience do you have with virus disinfection? When it comes to disinfection services experience counts. Pure Air Control Services has provided IAQ services since 1984. Our environmental project management plans help government agencies, schools, healthcare providers, and commercial businesses. We helped fight pandemics including H1N1, SARS, and MERS. Our Building Sciences division and Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory provide oversight and guidance throughout the process. Above all, we never stop training and educating our ...
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Commercial Property Duct Cleaning Considerations

You’ve invested a lot of money in the heating and cooling of your commercial property. Don’t skip the cleaning and maintenance of that system. Over time, as the HVAC system does its job of heating, cooling, and moving air, dust and debris degrade its performance. More importantly, when the ductwork becomes dirty, air is filled with particles and allergens and that’s a problem. Therefore, it is important to make commercial duct cleaning considerations a part of your regular maintenance plans. In a time of nationwide unease concerning airborne viruses, indoor air quality is key to healthy buildings. The spread of viruses, like the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, is a top concern for commercial building owners and managers. However, other dangers exist as well. Tiny particles circulate through the air inside buildings. These particles include allergens, viruses, bacteria, and molds. A well-running HVAC system filters out most of these particles but a dirty, clogged system does not. In some cases, these particles lead to Sick Building Syndrome. These symptoms go away once the person leaves the building. Symptoms ...
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Air Handling Unit Disinfection Manages Infection Risks

We now know that the coronavirus transmits through aerosols and we are learning more about the role HVAC systems play in this transmission. One recent study of healthcare settings detected coronavirus RNA in roughly 25 percent of samples taken from multiple air handlers in these facilities. While no COVID-19 cases were linked to these HVAC systems, the need for air handling unit disinfection is vital in keeping buildings safe. Importance of Air Handling Disinfection In HVAC systems, filters are key to keeping the supply air clean and safe in air handling units. Even high-rated MERV filters require regular inspection and replacement as needed. It doesn’t make sense to invest money in an HVAC system but not maintain it. Overall maintenance of air handling units and supply ductwork is also important. That’s why Pure Air Controls offers IAQ solutions with air handling unit disinfection, maintenance, and restoration. AHU Disinfection and Duct Cleaning Several factors degrade the efficiency of filters over time. These include insufficient air flow, not enough run time, the buildup of dust and debris, and ill-fitting ...
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How Does Your Coil Cleaning Stack Up?

Indoor air quality has never been more important. This won’t change in a post-COVID-19 world. Building managers must make clean air a priority beyond the pandemic. This is critical for the health and safety of workers, but rising energy costs are a factor as well. Here are some of the benefits of maintaining HVAC systems as well as a comparison between the methods of traditional cleaning and PURE-Steam Coil Cleaning. See how your current coil cleaning stacks up against our proprietary method. Conventional vs. PURE-Steam Coil Cleaning Dirt, dust, bacteria — any particle that comes in contact with the HVAC coil prevents it from working properly. This increases operating costs and leads to eventual equipment failure. You have choices, but they are not equal. There is the conventional method which is ineffective and not eco-friendly. And then there is the PURE Steam method which offers the best results and returns on investment. Conventional Method Conventional cleaning is not green. In fact, the chemicals used in this process corrode the inside of coils and go straight into the ...
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Improving Ventilation Reduces COVID-19 Threat

Reopening buildings during COVID-19 is a challenge. For one thing, we now know about the airborne transmission of the coronavirus. For this reason, improving ventilation is a top goal for facilities managers. Addressing ventilation and IAQ issues requires a plan. Cleaning, testing, and monitoring are a part of that. Carrying through with that plan keeps buildings safe. The Importance of Improving Ventilation Airflow is a concern for hospitals and restaurants. It’s also important for schools and other institutional buildings. For example, look at California’s San Quentin State Prison. Poor ventilation there helped spread the coronavirus. As a result, the virus infected over two-thirds of the prison population. Schools aren’t prisons, of course, but risks remain. Floating particles are a challenge to keeping air clean. Because they move throughout the building, clean air in one area does not guarantee it in another. The risk of airborne spread means building managers must improve ventilation. New ASHRAE Guidelines to Improve Ventilation On August 19, 2020 ASHARE released updated guidance in the form of a building readiness guide that includes specifics ...
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