IAQ Investment

It’s not what you can see indoors that worries building managers. What you can’t see is just as dangerous. This is true for office buildings, classrooms, and medical clinics. In any indoor environment, what is invisible to the eye can impact the respiratory system and affect the health of building occupants. The pollutants in the air we breathe have both short- and long-term effects. Therefore, improving indoor air quality is a smart IAQ investment.

Investment in IAQ Pays Off

One benefit of IAQ investment is the improvement of cognitive performance. Clean air creates healthier students in schools and university buildings and healthy students perform better. As well, healthy workers have higher morale and are more productive as a result of cleaner air. Of course, clean HVAC systems cost less to maintain and run better too. This saves money on repair bills and energy usage. While it’s important to test, inspect, clean, and disinfect, that’s not where IAQ investment ends. Monitoring indoor environmental conditions is a critical part of a combined approach to indoor air quality.

The Next Level of IAQ Monitoring

IAQ monitoring is not new, but recent improvements to technology add a new layer of protection. For example, IAQ Guard 2.0 is a smart IAQ monitoring system that provides real-time data to a remote team of technicians. Readings of relative humidity, temperature, particulate matter, total volatile organic compounds, CO2, and other gases are collected by sensors placed throughout a building. This data is also available via an all-in-one outlet-powered module that plugs directly into a wall outlet or is hardwired into the wall. What makes IAQ Guard 2.0 different from previous versions is a feature that allows connecting to other technology. This includes portable air-cleaning devices that are WIFI-enabled with the Zigbee protocol.

The Zigbee Protocol and AI Swarm

The Zigbee protocol allows the IAQ Guard 2.0 system to use an AI Swarm to monitor and control the output of in-room devices. The AI Swarm collects data to improve the performance of air cleaning technologies. Zigbee is actually a group of communication protocols that create personal area networks. It’s used in home automation and data collection, and in tasks where low-bandwidth wireless connections are needed. It’s simpler than Bluetooth and other wireless personal area networks (WPANs). It also uses less power which makes it a smart IAQ investment. IAQ Guard also employs autopilot functionality. This means building managers and engineers set the threshold for acceptable IAQ. When any parameters go over that threshold, connected air purifying devices adjust their performance. The admin also receives an alert to changes in room conditions.

Building Health Check

Of course, monitoring indoor environmental conditions only makes sense when you start with healthy IAQ. That requires a combined approach to get the HVAC system running with optimal efficiency. Toward this IAQ investment goal, Pure Air Control Services provides a complete Building Health Check to evaluate buildings based on HVAC zones. It includes both field and lab assays to provide a comprehensive report on building performance and biological conditions. It includes visual inspections and testing of air and surface samples. Based on the needs of a building, services could include:

  • Mold Assessments
  • Allergen and Dust Screening
  • Contaminant Source and Risk Assessments
  • Wall and Floor Moisture Testing
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Temperature and Humidity Logging
  • Test and Balance Reporting
  • HVAC Hygiene Assessment

After the data is collected and analyzed, a detailed report follows outlining the findings and providing remedial recommendations.

Further Investments in IAQ

Pure Air Control offers remediation services to help businesses, schools, and government institutions invest in IAQ. Our suite of remediation services includes HVAC New Life hygienic restoration to optimize the air handling unit. PURE Steam cleans the entire AHU while PURE Duct goes deep inside the ductwork to knock out and remove dirt and debris. As well, PURE Decon is a system for building and room disinfection.

Learn More About Investing in IAQ Monitoring

An investment in IAQ Guard 2.0 is an IAQ investment that yields results over the long term. Learn more about how this system protects the indoor environment and keeps occupants healthy. Contact Pure Air Control Services today. Call us a 1-800-422-7873 or email us here.