Hygienic Duct Cleaning

Why Pure Air Control Services?

Have your ducts cleaned by the best in the business. We are a mechanical contractor, license CMC1250969 and an active member of National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA).

Your HVAC system is in safe hands. With over 30 years of expert experience in Commercial & Residential Duct Cleaning, plus an extensive network within the HVAC industry, Pure Air Control Services is the company you can trust.

Clean your system without a mess! With our detailed specifications our technicians are held to the highest standard in the business.

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Before and After PURE-Duct Cleaning

A Complete and Comprehensive Cleaning Service

Our expert team consists of inspectors, technicians and consultants, with support from the headquarters in Clearwater, FL. We offer a complete and comprehensive cleaning service for all commercial and government properties keeping indoor air quality (IAQ) at the forefront.

Our passion and drive to be the leaders in IAQ means that our service processes are constantly reviewed and improved to consistently achieve excellence. With over 600 million square feet across more than 10,000 facilities, our reputation speaks for itself.

We make this offer to clearly
demonstrate that our measure
of quality is our Customer’s Satisfaction.

“Human Resources is very pleased with the overall performance of the Pure Air Control Services duct cleaning crew and the job they have done..”

-Jennis Ramsey
Human Resources
Miami Dade College

The TOTAL Hygienic System Solution

We use specialized equipment inside of the ductwork to create high pressure air turbulence that dislodges built-up dust and debris to be collected by an industrial strength vacuum system with HEPA filter.

PURE-Steam HVAC Coil Cleaning

The HVAC unit can also be environmentally cleaned with our proprietary PURE-Steam process. High temperature and low pressure steam disinfects the inside of the unit and clears clogged coils to restore optimal airflow and energy efficiency!

Next we can perform our PURE-Decon room disinfection service to kill any bacteria, mold or yeast that may still be lingering in the indoor environment, waiting to be reintroduced into the ventilation system. It fogs the area with a fine, dry mist of hydrogen peroxide and silver that is effective at the cellular level.

PURE Decon HaloMist

If your ductwork has fiberglass insulation that’s deteriorating we can replace it with our PURE-Cell insulation or encapsulate it with a stabilizing, antimicrobial paint. In combination, these services provide a total hygienic cleaning to ensure the health, comfort and energy efficiency of your facility!

Don’t trust just any service contractor or cleaning company with the hygiene of your building and occupants. Count on the IAQ Experts at Pure Air Controls for precise and thorough duct cleaning every time! 1-800-422-7873