HVAC Refurbishment

COVID-19 has caused major disruptions in the lives of millions of people across the US and the world. As the pandemic gets under control we are now dealing with the ripple effects of the virus. A shortage of raw materials, copper and steel in particular, as well as a shortage of semiconductors, create headaches for HVAC contractors. COVID is not the only cause of shortages. Other factors include high tariffs on imports from China, high summer demand, a shortage of drivers, rising ocean freight rates, and transportation bottlenecks—all of these things combine to create a supply chain nightmare. The silver lining for facilities managers is that HVAC refurbishment is a cost-effective solution to restore and upgrade equipment fast.

HVAC Refurbishment

Indoor air quality impacts the health, wellbeing, and comfort of building occupants. Poor IAQ impedes children’s cognitive functioning in schools. It also leads to Sick Building Syndrome in office workers and can trigger asthma, allergies, and other respiratory illnesses as well. Therefore, it makes for building managers to, not just maintain HVAC systems, but to improve them. 

Of course, improving the performance of the buildings’ mechanical systems has financial benefits too. For example, HVAC refurbishment is a way to restore and upgrade equipment at 20%-40% of the cost of purchasing new. This also saves money by lengthening the lifespan of equipment and reducing future maintenance calls. It sidesteps many of the problems caused by the supply chain disruption as well.

The basic design of the air handling unit remains much the same as it did a century ago. At its core, it is comprised of a cabinet, blower, and coil. While advances in the design of control systems have been made, the system is only as good as the AHU and how well it performs. Therefore, improving, not replacing, the system is the best solution.

The True Cost of Outdated Systems

HVAC systems degrade over time and this limits their ability to provide clean air for building occupants whether those are children in K-12 schools, patients in healthcare facilities, or workers in office buildings. Dust and debris collect on the coil and bacteria, fungi, and other microbes grow in the cabinet and spread throughout the ductwork. This puts building occupants at risk of illness and high rates of absenteeism impact the bottom line for business and affects test scores for children. We don’t have the luxury of time to wait for supply chain issues to resolve themselves. HVAC refurbishment, however, is the solution and gets fast results. It’s also far less disruptive to the day-to-day operation of a business or facility.

The HVAC Refurbishment Process

The HVAC refurbishment provided by Pure Air Control Services includes our HVAC Hygiene Assessment. This evaluation uses testing and inspections to determine the health of the system and its impact on the indoor environment. Collected samples from the AHU undergo analysis by our Environmental Diagnostics Lab. The EDLab tests for the presence of fungi, bacteria, and other microbes and provides recommendations for remediation.

5 Steps to Improved HVAC System Health

In addition to the HVAC assessment, our New Life Restoration method uses several systems to improve IAQ, extend equipment life, and reduce energy costs. 

1. Remove Old Fiberglass Insulation

As fiberglass ages and deteriorates, harmful particles break free and travel through the ductwork and into the occupied space where they get breathed in by building occupants. The first step is to remove old fiberglass.

2. Steam Clean

Our PURE-Steam method uses high-temperature steam and low-pressure to disinfect the entire air handling unit. It is the only process of its kind that is certified by the Green Clean Institute.

3. HVAC Refurbishment With Antimicrobial Coating

An antimicrobial coating protects the entire HVAC system. PURE-Coat prevents corrosion, rust, and the growth of bacteria and mold. It includes the application of water-resistant paint after garnet blasting and sanding. PURE-Coil uses an antimicrobial hydrophobic coating to protect the evaporator coil and PURE-Liner protects the drain pain against extremes of hot and cold as well as moisture.

4. Pure-Cell Fiberglass-Free Insulation

PURE-Cell replaces old fiberglass insulation with fiberglass-free zero-porosity material that also reduces noise, repels moisture, and stops microbial growth. 

5. ECM Fan Array Retrofit/Upgrade

Upgrading to the Q-PAC™ Fan Array optimizes the air handling unit and improves energy efficiency. It also takes motor and belt maintenance out of the equation which saves money in operational costs too.

Learn More About HVAC Refurbishment

In conclusion, the New Life Restoration service lowers energy costs and improves the health of building occupants. It also avoids the headaches caused by supply chain disruption and improves IAQ fast. Call 1-800-422-7873 or email us here. and learn more.