HVAC New Life Restoration

The Anatomy of Hygienic Restoration

HVAC New Life Restoration Components

Other HVAC New Life Restoration Upgrade Options Can Include: Replacement of Outside Air Dampers, Synchronized Cogged Belts, Fans, Motors, Compressors and Controls.

ECM Fan Array Retrofit Option

Now you can take energy efficiency and maintenance to the next level by including the Q-PAC™ Fan Array to the HVAC New Life Restoration! Q-PAC™ is a simple, complete blower replacement that provides, ECM fans, bulkhead assembly and a single point power panel.

Q-PAC Fan Arrays are the ideal upgrade to an HVAC New Life restoration. They optimize the AHU to cutting edge technology, drastically improve energy efficiency and eliminate blower, motor and belt maintenance!

HVAC New Life with Fan Array

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Restore for 10%-30% the Costs of Total AHU Replacement

Building owners and operators are often faced with the challenges of aging HVAC equipment. It can be difficult to make the hard choice between an endless stream of maintenance calls or the capital expense of total replacement. This is especially true when there is a large inventory units being managed. Since the basic mechanical design and components of an AHU has remained the same, it can be hygienically restored with HVAC New Life™ instead of a total replacement!

HVAC New Life is an innovative hygienic restoration service that ensures a longer lifespan and optimal performance for aging HVAC system component such as:

• Air Handling Unit Cabinets
• Evaporator Coils
• Blower Motor Assemblies

• Drain Pans
• Structural Rails
• And More!

HVAC New Life restoration combines our powerful PURE-Steam™ HVAC Hygienic cleaning with an exceptional coating and liner process to effectively restore an AHU for many years of continued service.

Engineered Solutions

PURE-Steam is a comprehensive, cleaning of the entire AHU, especially the coils, that uses only high temperature and low pressure steam. It’s the only Green Clean Institute certified process of its kind!

PURE-Steam is a fundamental step in the HVAC New Life restoration service. It disinfects the AHU and coils of microbes that can cause foul odors and building related health issues. PURE-Steam provides performance gains in Delta P and Airflow by removing latent debris from deep within the coils for improved thermal comfort and energy efficiency.

HVAC New Life PURE-Coat is a highly specialized refinishing service that includes garnet blasting, sanding, and then uses a high tech paint that is resistant to severe exposure conditions. The paint has been tested in extreme environments from the arctic cold to desert heat and is flexible enough to withstand the operational rigors put upon HVAC components.

The PURE-Coat service paint is water resistant and stops the deterioration of surfaces due to moisture, like corrosion and rust. It also contains nontoxic micro-biocides to prevent the growth of algae, bacteria and mold. It is used on both interior and exterior AHU components.

PURE-Liner 2.0 is a drain pan refinishing service that includes garnet blasting, sanding and then uses pour-in, self leveling, drain pan liner that utilizes a similar formulation to the PURE-Coat service paint. The liner is flexible enough to deal with the temperature and physical demands HVAC operation.

The PURE-Liner 2.0  coating has a very low water vapor transmission rate that repels moisture and slows oxidation. It has the same, safe, microbiocides as the PURE-Coat service paint to stop the growth microbes. The service effectively seals the drain pan. If needed our HVAC New Life techs can make minor repairs to the sheet metal before the PURE-Liner 2.0 coating application.

PURE-Cell is an insulation replacement service for HVAC systems. We remove old insulation that contains fiberglass and other potentially harmful particulates that can deteriorate, be carried through ductwork, and redistributed into the indoor environment. Then we replace it using a “tack-in” system and zero-porosity, fiberglass free insulation.

The PURE-Cell HVAC insulation service is ideal for inside air handling units and associated ductwork plenums to help reduce operational sound, repel moisture and impede microbial growth. The PURE-Cell service is an optional HVAC New Life upgrade to restore compromised insulation.

Real World Results of HVAC New Life

1. Coils before and after Pure-Steam

  1. coil-before-i
  2. coil-after-h

3. Drain Pan Before and After PURE-Liner

  1. Pure-liner-before-903
  2. Pure-liner-after-903c

2. Blower Unit Before and After Pure-Coat

  1. Blower-before
  2. blower-after-1

4. Insulation before and after PURE-Cell

  1. Insulation before HVAC New Life
  2. Insulation after HVAC New Life

AHU Roof Top Unit Before and After HVAC New Life

  1. AHU-roof-before-c
  2. AHU-roof-after-c

HVAC New Life Walk Around

A Brief Financial Case Study

Project Capital Savings Example: We recently performed HVAC New Life at a large Florida university. Before the university had heard of our unique HVAC New Life savings program they were budgeting to replace all 12 Rooftop Units (RTU) for a cost of over $1 million dollars. Instead they contracted Pure Air Control Services to restore the RTU’s to like new condition with HVAC New life for 10% of the cost of new. The university saved $900,000 in capital dollars.

Invest in HVAC New Life

HVAC New Life Restoration Performance Improvements

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