HVAC Fan Retrofit

The Q-Pac HVAC fan retrofit is a viable energy savings upgrade for AHU restoration.

Energy efficiency and sustainability are hot topics for building owners and facility managers. More than not these facility stake holders work closely with energy services consultants and engineers to map out plans for bigger savings and returns on investment. It is estimated that 65% of a building’s energy costs are tied to HVAC. Therefore, regular maintenance of HVAC is necessary to maximize its performance. But what about older equipment? Is there a cost effective way to optimize that besides replacing the entire AHU? The good news is that, yes, there are viable options including an HVAC fan retrofit and restoration.

HVAC Restoration

When thinking of redesign and replacement most benchmark the need based on equipment age and performance. HVAC restoration provides a sustainable solution at a fraction of the cost of new. Plus, there is less lead time and much less disruption to facility operations when it comes to HVAC restoration. HVAC New Life, named a Buildings Media Money Saving Product of the year is proven to save energy, improve building health and increase the lifespan of the equipment. This is largely accomplished with a combination of PURE-Steam coil cleaning along with the anti-microbial, water resistant PURE-Coat/PURE-Liner 2.0 and PURE-Cell closed cell insulation. But with the optional Q-Pac HVAC fan retrofit energy savings and performance is taken to the next level!

HVAC Fan Retrofit Process

Fan Array from Q-pacSimply put, the HVAC fan retrofit is a complete blower system replacement that includes ECM fans, bulkhead assembly and a single point power panel from Q-Pac.

Units scheduled for an HVAC fan retrofit get evaluated from an engineering perspective and a custom configuration is designed to meet the system’s specifications. This includes the correct number of fans, necessary electrical modifications and the dimensions for the bulkhead assembly. Q-Pac then manufactures the fan array for the HVAC New Life project.

The Q-Pac fan array installation is the final step in the HVAC New Life restoration process. First the old AC motor and fan/blower wheel is removed. Next, any necessary cabinet modifications are made. Then the AHU, including coils is cleaned and refinished. Finally, the HVAC fan retrofit is installed.

Benefits of a Q-Pac Fan Array

An HVAC fan retrofit essentially modernizes the system to better than its original factory specifications. The two big takeaways from a Q-Pac fan array include improved energy savings and maintenance. The PURE-Steam coiling cleaning component of HVAC New Life provides average energy savings of 10%-20% and sometime more! Q-Pac fan arrays offer an additional 20% savings at full capacity and as much as 80% during low capacity operations.

Plus, there is less maintenance with a fan array. No more belts and grease. Also, the ECM fans used in the array have a .05% failure rate. Should a fan fail, the others in the array will compensate for it until it’s replaced. Replacing one of the fans is as easy as plug and play. Finally, since the restoration “increases the useful lifespan” of the AHU it can be paid for with CAPEX funds for immediate savings in conjunction with simple payback ROI provided be energy savings.

Other Q-Pac Fan Array Benefits Include:

  • Custom ETL Listed Assembly
  • Vertical & Horizontal Configurations
  • Smaller Footprint Than AC Motors in Cubes
  • Largest Array Assembly is Less Than 100 lbs
  • Easily Fits Through A 20″ x 40″ Opening
  • Plug & Play Whipped Wiring with Quick Connects
  • Single Point Panel, 100KAIC Rated, BACnet MSTP
  • 5-year Parts & Labor Warranty

Q-Pac also has options for customer backdraft dampers and a BACnet compatible controller.

Q-PAC fan arrays are the ideal upgrade to an HVAC New Life restoration. The HVAC fan retrofit optimizes the AHU to cutting edge technology, drastically improves energy efficiency and eliminates blower, motor and belt maintenance!

For more information on HVAC New Life restoration and the Q-Pac fan array please call 1-800-422-7873 or contact us here.