Clearwater, FL – (June 24, 2015) – In response to concerns over increased formaldehyde (HCHO) levels in homes and businesses, Building Health - DIT Indoor Air Testing and IAQ ProductsCheck, LLC, has produced a “How to” video (click link) t o help customers better understand the process of sample collection. The video provides a simplified approach for DIY testing for formaldehyde.

Monitoring for Formaldehyde:

Formaldehyde can be found in a number of products, including: particleboard, plywood, paneling, pressed-wood products, urea formaldehyde foam insulation, some synthetic fabrics (especially permanent press), shampoos, cigarette smoke, fuel burning appliances, kerosene space heaters, and some cosmetics.

How can I measure Formaldehyde?

Vapor monitor badges, such as the Formaldehyde Screen Check (FOSC), have been used for over 25 years to test for the presence of formaldehyde by the VA, The Armed Forces, health care facilities, and some of the largest industrial corporations throughout the world.

The FOSCs can be used to measure personal exposure or room exposure in homes, businesses or industry. It is:

        Easy to use and inexpensive

        Data-validated for accuracy

        Analyzed by an accredited laboratory

In addition, the analytical process meets all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) accuracy requirements, and provides customers with a written lab report of their sample results.

Where can I purchase the FOCS?

The FOCS can be purchased at or a number of online distributors such as Grainger, Allergy Buyers Club, Ferguson Supply, Yandle-Witherspoon Supply and others.

Who Should Use the FOSC?

        Real Estate Professionals

        Insurance Claim Adjusters

        Industrial Hygienists


        HVAC Engineers

        Building Managers

        Facility Managers

        Facility Operators


        Government Officials


        County, City and State Officials

        Building Maintenance Supervisors

        Test and Balance Professionals


        School and Plant Operators

        Hospital Engineers


Additional IAQ Screen Check products include: Mold Screen Check, Allergen Screen Check, Fiberglass Screen Check, Dust Mite Screen Check, Organic Vapor Screen, FAST Screen Check, RAPID Screen Check,  , among others.

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