How Often to Clean AC Coils

With the Omnicron variant blazing its way through the US, issues of indoor air quality remain a top concern for building managers. Proper ventilation is critical to controlling its spread. Therefore, cleaning and maintaining HVAC systems is also important. One concern many business owners and managers have is, how often to clean AC coils. ASHRAE provides guidance on this topic and Pure Air Control Services provides the services and methods to make it happen.

The Importance of Cleaning HVAC Coils

Regular inspection and cleaning of HVAC coils result in optimal equipment performance. As little as 3/16 of built-up dirt and debris across the coil affects mechanical efficiency by as 20 percent. At a minimum, ASHRAE recommends inspecting coils at least once a year and cleaning as needed. For example, ASHRAE Standard 62.1 details the minimum ventilation rates as well as other measures to ensure IAQ is safe for occupants. 

An HVAC assessment followed by a thorough steam cleaning of the coils is a way to comply with this standard. It also ensures the health and wellbeing of occupants of school classrooms, gyms, office buildings, health facilities, and more. 

How Often to Clean AC Coils?

Not all buildings are the same and neither are their HVAC systems. This means that coils get dirty at different rates. Factors affecting this rate include the building’s age, type, and use. The type of system used in the building is also a factor. How often the coils require cleaning also depends on factors such as the amount of outside air brought in through filter bypass and equipment maintenance. Whatever the factors involved, an assessment examines all issues and steam cleaning gets the system back in top working order.

Pure Air Controls HVAC Inspection and Cleaning Methods

The chemical rinses offered by many in the industry offer only a superficial cleaning of system components. As well, UV technology, while beneficial to killing viruses in many instances, is effective where the light wave reaches. On the other hand, our HVAC Hygiene Assessment inspects the system, assesses conditions, and prioritizes system maintenance. It helps facilities managers understand how often AC coils should be cleaned. 

HVAC Hygiene Assessment

The HVAC Hygiene Assessment is a key part of maintaining healthy buildings. It helps managers answer the question of how often to clean AC coils. The assessment comes before the AC coil cleaning and provides a gauge of the HVAC system’s impact on IAQ as well as the bottom line of a business’s operating costs as a dirty system delivers a subpar performance. It also puts the health of building occupants at risk. Each HVAC Hygiene Assessment begins with a visual inspection of the air handling unit. This includes the evaporator coils, drain pan, blower as well as the corresponding ductwork.

Samples collected from within the AHU undergo testing at our environmental lab to determine the impact of pressure or airflow across the coils. Data from the inspection is also sent to the lab with a report issued detailing any issues along with microbiological results, performance data, and photographs as well as recommendations for improvements.

The HVAC Hygiene Assessment helps facilities managers gauge their system’s airflow and energy efficiency as well as building pressure, tightness, and air filtration. It is a helpful tool when putting together post-construction evaluations as well as determining how often AC coils should be cleaned. 

Steam Coil Cleaning

The PURE-Steam method uses temperatures up to 350° F, to disinfect the coil and AHU. The result is the killing of bacteria and fungi and the removal of allergens and odors. The system uses pressure up to 350 psi to push dust and debris through the coil. The result is cleaner air, healthier building occupants, and improved system efficiency. The added benefit is a longer lifespan of equipment, fewer maintenance calls, and lower operating costs. Knowing how often to clean AC coils leads to healthier employees, fewer missed days of work, and higher productivity.

Get Guidance on How Often to Clean AC Coils

A lot depends on the quality of indoor air. This includes the health of your employees and the fiscal health of your business. Therefore, you need a trusted partner to assess your HVAC needs and improve system performance to reduce operational costs, extend equipment life, and keep people safe. For more information on how often to clean AC coils, contact Pure Air Control Services at l 1-800-422-7873 or email us here.