Building health and efficiency on display at the Florida Association of Counties (FAC) Annual Conference & Education Exposition

Building HealthThere are many issues that face Florida Association of Counties administrators on a daily basis. Often times awareness towards indoor air quality (IAQ) in government buildings only is made a priority in a crisis situation. Yet, in the United States the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that 25% of buildings can be classified as “sick”. The World Health Organization (WHO) puts the number of buildings with Sick Building Syndrome (SDS) at 1 in 3! Contributing factors to making a building sick can include poor ventilation rates, microbial proliferation (mold and bacteria) and odors often caused by volatile organic compounds (VOC), among other issues. All of these can affect building occupants in various ways resulting in discomfort, allergenic reactions or worse. This manifests into lower productivity and higher operating costs. Clearly, building health should be a priority for facilities operated and maintained by Florida county governments.

FAC ConferenceThe good news is that the IAQ experts from Pure Air Control Services, Inc. will be educating attendees of the 2018 FAC Conference about the importance of the health, comfort and energy efficiency of their buildings.

Pure Air Controls excels in IAQ testing, analysis and remedial building solutions through their three specialized divisions: Building Sciences, Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory and Building Remediation Sciences. Each division will be showcased at the company’s booth 509 during this year’s FAC conference in Orlando, Florida. IAQ solutions specialists will be available to answer questions about each of these division’s unique and sometimes proprietary services.

HVAC New Life Before and AfterThey will also talk about the sustainable HVAC New Life hygienic restoration service. This process combines the powerful, eco-friendly PURE-Steam HVAC cleaning with PURE-Coat and PURE-Liner 2.0 to provide both IAQ and operational optimization of aging equipment. Now, county facility and purchasing personnel can improve the health and energy efficiency of their buildings without throwing away the old HVAC units. In fact, the sustainable solution offered by HVAC New Life costs about 1/10 the price of replacement and can be acquired using capital funds instead of using stretched operational budgets, saving taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars! Pure Air Controls representatives will also be illustrating additional cost and time savings to public agencies via the company’s three cooperative purchasing contracts through PAEC Florida Buy, E&I, TIPS.

The Florida Association of Counties Annual Conference & Educational Exposition 2018 takes place June 26-29 at the Hyatt Regency Orlando. More information about the Florida Association of Counties and the conference can be found here. Pure Air Controls Services will be available at booth 509.