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PURE-Duct Cleaning of HVAC System


The making of the first certified Pure Air Indoor Environment. As COVID-19 continues to loosen its grip across the country organizations begin to reopen. Building and facilities managers must look ahead to a return to full occupancy. However, it’s important to use caution and to have a strategy in place to keep building occupants safe.

Reopening places of worship presents special challenges for social distancing and keeping high-touch areas free of pathogens. Several steps must take place before congregants return for services. Disinfecting HVAC systems and improving indoor air quality are also concerns. An example of the correct way to do this is Generation Church of Largo, Florida. Together with Pure Air Controls, the church successfully implemented a new program for a healthier worship facility.

Generation Church felt a strong call to make their facilities as safe as possible for returning members. As a result, the church is the first facility in the U.S. to become a “Certified PURE-Air Indoor Environment”. This gives assurance to congregants and staff that church is safe for occupancy after the COVID-19 shutdown.

Ensuring a Better Worship Experience

The staff at Generation Church partnered with Pure Air Control Services to develop a strategy to improve and maintain optimal indoor air quality in their facility. The suite of services performed by Pure Air Control neutralizes harmful particles and pathogens while monitoring the ambient conditions. This ensures a better worship experience and a safer environment for staff.

“The decision around reopening our church building was not an easy one to make, as we wanted to make sure our congregation would be able to gather safely.” Says Pastor Stephen Holley of Generation Church, “The comfort of becoming a Pure Air Indoor Environment to keep our air quality safe and testing the facilities for COVID-19 has been a true blessing. We’ve received many compliments and appreciation from our congregation for having done this and I would like to extend those to Pure Air Controls for making it possible.”

What is a Pure Air Indoor Environment?

A certified Pure Air Indoor Environment is the result of the successful completion of key optimization and cleaning services. It also involves a commitment to ongoing indoor air quality monitoring. These services focus not only on the disinfection of the occupied spaces but on the entire HVAC system. Cleaning and disinfection services get followed up with IAQ testing, monitoring, and air purification.

“As a multiple disciplined environmental services firm with over 36 years of IAQ experience we designed the “Certified Pure Air Indoor Environment” as a multifaceted program that encompasses all areas and factors of indoor air quality on an ongoing basis,” says Alan Wozniak, CEO of Pure Air Control Services, “The COVID-19 pandemic has only served to heighten the awareness and need for healthy buildings. We were thrilled to see the level of commitment from Generation Church and help them realize the value and validity of a healthy building ensuring environmental safety for the congregation.”

Let’s take a closer look at how the certified Pure Air Indoor Environment helped the Generation Church create a healthy building environment

HVAC Cleaned & Restored

To get Generation Church certified, all of the building’s HVAC units were hygienically cleaned with PURE-Steam™ using 350° F steam. After this process, the units were restored with anti-microbial paint as part of the HVAC New Life™ process.

Pure Air Indoor Environment PURE-Steam

PURE-Steam Hygienic Cleaning of Air Handler Units

Pure Air Indoor Environment HVAC New Life

HVAC New Life Restoration of Air Handler Units

Particles Reduced

To reduce the level of harmful particulates in the air, the supply and return ductwork was hygienically cleaned throughout the building. This was done using PURE-Duct hygienic cleaning which incorporates negative air machines with HEPA filtration. Fiberglass duct-board was also encapsulated to prevent degradation.

Pathogens Neutralized

PURE-Decon building disinfection was conducted using EPA-registered disinfectants to neutralize all bacteria, mold, and viruses (including the virus that causes COVID-19) before reopening the church facilities.

Pure Air Indoor Environment PURE-Decon after COVID-19 shutdown

PURE-Decon Electrostatic Disinfection of Building

Air Purification

Two air purifiers were installed in the auditorium. They use EnviroSmart™ detection technology and multi-stage HEPA filtration to continuously clean the air. This is effective in removing allergens, microbes, odors, and particles.

Conditions Monitored

Representative coronavirus environmental sampling and RT-qPCR (RNA) testing was done to verify building safety. Finally, multiple IAQ Guard sensors were installed to monitor and alert the facility 24/7 for particles, temperature, relative humidity, CO2, and volatile organic compounds.

Pure Air Indoor Environment Coronavirus Testing

Coronavirus Testing of Environmental Surfaces

Pure Air Controls  Engineered Solutions

No matter the size of your building or facilities, Pure Air Controls can scale the job to fit your specific needs. For more information on how we can transform your buildings into a “Certified PURE-Air Indoor Environment” call 727-572-4550 today!

Pure Air Indoor Environment Program Brochure

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