Emergency Response Services Overview

Pure Air Control Services is a Florida borne company with over 30 years of specialized experience in dealing with the after effects of major storms impacting the region. We are also able to assist in other emergency response situations such as water intrusion, fire, off-gassing of building products/furniture, bacterial/viral outbreaks, and more!  We are staffed, stocked and ready to help should a need unfortunately arise.

Pure Air Control Services can provide disaster recovery assistance through our federal General Services Administration (GSA) contract #GS 10-F-0488R to help city, county, state and federal governments (including schools) under a declared State of Emergency by identifying baseline IAQ(bacteria/mold) conditions and providing specific, definitive remedial recommendations.

We also have cooperative purchasing options that can cut through the red tape and get us working for you right away.

Our 3 distinct divisions can provide an emergency response with Indoor Air & Environmental Quality Testing, Laboratory Analysis, and Remedial Building Solutions.

Building Sciences IAQ Testing

Environmental Testing & Reporting

• Mold Assessments
• HVAC Cause & Origin Evaluations
• Forensic IEQ Investigations

Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory Analysis

Microbiological Testing & Analysis

• Bacteria, including Legionella
– CDC ELITE Program
– NYS DOH ELAP Lab no. 12086
• Fungus, Mold & Mycotoxins
• Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

Building Remediation Sciences Solutions

Environmental Cleanup & Recovery

• Water Extraction
• Dehumidification
• Hygienic HVAC System Cleaning
• Mold Remediation
• Building Decontamination & Disinfection
• Documentation Restoration

It’s never easy in times of a natural disaster. But, if we can share the burden then a little relief is just a call away.


Pure Air Control Services Emergency Response