COVID-19 Disinfection Questions To Ask

Viral infections are serious. You want to make sure your business and commercial property are safe for both staff and visitors. This requires a plan for COVID-19 disinfection from a company you can trust. With so many businesses harmed by the coronavirus, many vendors compete for contracts. Yet, not all have the certifications or experience needed to do the job right. Before choosing a vendor, it’s important to ask the right COVID-19 disinfection questions.

Top 3 COVID-19 Disinfection Questions

Here is a list of the top three questions you need to ask any company before you hire them to disinfect your facilities.

1. How much experience do you have with virus disinfection?

When it comes to disinfection services experience counts. Pure Air Control Services has provided IAQ services since 1984. Our environmental project management plans help government agencies, schools, healthcare providers, and commercial businesses. We helped fight pandemics including H1N1, SARS, and MERS. Our Building Sciences division and Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory provide oversight and guidance throughout the process. Above all, we never stop training and educating our field technicians.

2. Are you certified and insured?

You need a certified, insured, and bonded service provider. So, it is important to ask about the credentials of any vendor you consider. Pure Air Control Services has certification from ICRA  and GBAC. We have accreditation from the A2LA and membership in the IAQA. Our EDLab is CDC Elite Program certified. These are some of the most respected organizations in the industry. We are also a certified environmentally responsible contractor meeting qualifications in the categories of Best Management Practices and Cleanup Protection as qualified by Environmental Risk Professionals.

3. What cleaning protocols does Pure Air Control Services use for COVID disinfection?

Any recovery specialist entering your building must have full personal protective equipment. They must also use EPA-registered disinfectants for emerging pathogens. Pure Air Control Services uses PPE and DEP to provide multi-level disinfection. Additionally, we go into the HVAC system and ducts to kill pathogens so they cannot circulate back into the air. Our EDLab performs environmental coronavirus testing to validate our cleaning methods.

Get Answers to COVID-19 Disinfection Questions

Pure Air Control Services answers these top 3 COVID-19 disinfection questions and we provide emergency response to viral infections using three systems.


Cleans HVAC evaporator coils and the interior of air handling units which lowers the risks of coronavirus spread. A cleaner system also lowers energy costs.


Cleans the HVAC supply and return ductwork. Negative air machines trap then destroy particles that contain pathogens. After this, high-pressure air turbulence dislodges particles which then get removed with a high-powered vacuum system.


EPA-registered disinfectants clean HVAC equipment and ductwork. This kills 99.9 percent of all microbes. Moreover, they target areas regular surface cleaning can’t. No harmful residues get left behind.

Your COVID-19 Disinfection Questions Answered

Pure Air Control Services answers all your COVID-19 disinfectant questions. During our 35+ years of experience in reducing risk and improving indoor air quality, we have serviced over 700 million square feet for our clients. Contact Pure Air Control Services today to find out how we can improve the IAQ of your facilities.