Commercial IAQ for Real Estate


There has been increased interest in indoor air quality (IAQ) from facilities managers, building owners, and employers. It has become a part of the planning and design in both new construction and the remodeling of existing structures. This increased awareness means it was only a matter of time before Commercial IAQ became a part of the real estate conversation.

Stakeholders in the built environment need to make commercial IAQ service providers a part of the equation in this changing market. Failure to address IAQ issues puts building occupants at risk and there are financial consequences for employers as well. It also puts owners at a steep disadvantage in the commercial real estate market as IAQ certifications prove more attractive to potential buyers.

IAQ and Changing the Real Estate Market

1. Building Occupants Care about IAQ

Indoor air quality is about safety. As we learn more about the link between IAQ and health, we begin to see ways to address this issue better. Poor IAQ, in many cases, causes Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and the public is aware that mold, dirty air filters, and inadequate ventilation can cause symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and fatigue. Better employee health means better engagement and more productivity. That’s why employers look for buildings equipped to deal with IAQ issues.

2. Compliance is no Longer Optional

High levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and carbon dioxide (CO2) can impact cognitive functioning. State governments know this and the EPA has long understood the connection between IAQ and SBS. An increase in health regulations relating to commercial IAQs will force compliance eventually. It is far better for facilities managers and building owners to be proactive. States like California have already seen the state government step in to ensure acceptable IAQ. The New Jersey Department of Labor, as well, mandates that the issue of IAQ be addressed by a designated employee to ensure compliance. These requirements could be adopted by other states soon.

3. Commercial IAQ Concerns Building Owners, Operators & Employers

Building owners and operators may not be on-site every day, but the health of their tenants concerns them. It’s not just building owners and operators who are concerned with IAQ, employers are as well. They care about how IAQ affects their employees, but they also understand it impacts their bottom line. A business that fails to address issues of IAQ is not focused on employees and will soon earn a reputation for it. Health and wellness certifications related to commercial IAQ will satisfy current occupants and make facilities more attractive to future tenants.

4. Cost is No Longer Prohibitive

The good news is, the cost of dealing with commercial IAQ is not prohibitive. Failure to comply has greater costs. Monitoring HVAC systems, for example, allows managers to take action to address issues. Maintaining healthy conditions is possible due to the collection of objective data. For example, IAQ Guard from Pure Air Control Services monitors indoor air quality and measures it in real-time via an all-in-one outlet-powered module. Around-the-clock monitoring is provided through sensors placed in zones throughout the building. This gives Pure Air Control’s Building Sciences team, as well as facility staff, access the dashboard view IAQ stats. Pure Air Control’s Building Sciences Services include a building health check to evaluate indoor environmental conditions so issues can be addressed.

5. IAQ Certifications Appeal to Prospective Tenants

As the digitization of real estate continues, IAQ certifications will become more attractive. As the appeal of IAQ certification increases, it makes sense that tenants will shop around and compare leasable spaces. Having certification could be a deal-breaker. Even if compliance does not become mandatory nationwide any time soon, it’s one more thing to add to the list of digitized real estate assets.

How We Help

Pure Air Control Services addresses IAQ issues that affect the health of employees and building occupants. We are an IAQ and HVAC system-focused company in operation since 1984. Contact us with questions about our services or to schedule a complete Building Health Check. Call 1-800-422-7873 today or email us here.