Commercial Duct Cleaning Considerations

As the HVAC system does its year-round work of providing clean fresh air to buildings, dirt builds up. Not only dirt but particles such as dust and pathogens that cause illness and disease. However, a clean system keeps building occupants healthy. Dirty HVAC ducts could contribute to more serious health problems and pose a threat to those who suffer from respiratory illnesses, autoimmune diseases, or certain environmental allergies. For this reason, commercial HVAC air duct cleaning is critical.

Don’t take our word for it, however, NADCA, the leading authority on commercial air duct cleaning, offers detailed information on the benefits of commercial HVAC air duct cleaning.

5 Reasons for Commercial HVAC Air Duct Cleaning

Here are five reasons why you should consider commercial HVAC duct cleaning:

1. Improves and Maintains Good Health

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a concern for facilities managers across the country.  The ultimate goal is a healthier indoor environment.  By contrast, poor IAQ is unhealthful and puts people at risk of dangerous respiratory diseases. Along with improving IAQ comes an improvement in the health of building occupants. With the cleaner air resulting from duct cleaning, allergies, and cold symptoms decrease. 

2. Helps Prevent the Spread of Mold

Blocked airflow in vents and the lowered cross ventilation are a cause for concern. With changes in airflow comes an increase in the chance for mold to grow and thrive. If you’ve spotted dark spots on the walls as well as on ceilings near grilles and registers, mold could be the culprit. In this case, HVAC commercial air duct cleaning is the solution. Don’t compromise the health of workers and visitors to your building, have the HVAC system inspected and prevent the further spread of fungi.

3. Clean Air Filters  

The air filter shields the ductwork and prevents dust and debris from accumulating. These air filters benefit from HVAC commercial air duct cleaning. Therefore, routine cleaning improves airflow as well as the health of those inside. Whether you manage a retail business, school, gym, spa, or medical office, the years of dust buildup and residue in the ducts present a risk to all. Clean filters lower this risk.

4. Removes Animal Feces

It is unpleasant to think about but the presence of animal waste is also a reality and another good reason for duct cleaning. When rodents access cooling and heating equipment they often leave droppings behind. This causes unhealthy air to circulate throughout buildings. HVAC commercial air duct cleaning prevents this.

5. HVAC Commercial Air Duct Cleaning of the Air Return Grille

The continuous circulation of indoor air should make buildings comfortable places to work and visit. To do this, the air return grilles in the ventilation system draw air back into the ductwork. When ducts are unclean, however, pathogens, such as viruses, circulate back into the air. Therefore it is prudent to check that air return grilles are cleaned on a frequent basis. 

Duct Cleaning Methods

Now that you know the reasons for HVAC commercial air duct cleaning, let’s look at a few of the solutions.

HVAC Hygiene Assessment

The HVAC Hygiene Assessment offered by WTI Pure Air Control Services informs building managers of the effect the HVAC system has on IAQCleaning the air handling unit is the first step in Building Sciences’ HVAC Hygiene Assessment. This means cleaning the blower and associated ductwork as well as the drain pan and evaporator coils. 

Samples and other data logged from the inspection get sent to EDLab for testing. The resulting analysis determines the presence of bacteria or fungi are present as well as in what quantity. Finally, a thorough report with a summary, performance data, microbiological results, pictures, and improvement suggestions follows.

HVAC commercial air duct cleaning assessment includes:

  • Testing of airflow and energy efficiency
  • Air conveyance hygiene
  • Duct leakage
  • Analysis building pressure
  • Evaluations of post-construction projects
  • Testing of building air tightness

Commercial HVAC Duct Cleaning

Air turbulence, as a part of the PURE-Duct method, shakes dirt and debris loose inside the ducts. Afterward, dirt gets removed by this high-pressure air flow which is then gathered by a vacuum system with a HEPA filter. HVAC commercial air duct cleaning also includes additional steps to improve IAQ. That includes PURE-Steam HVAC Coil Cleaning to remove clogs and improve airflow and energy efficiency. The PURE-Decon room disinfection service kills bacteria, mold, and other pathogens that linger thus preventing them from entering the ventilation system. PURE-Cell insulation replaces deteriorating fiberglass and also adds the protection of specialized antimicrobial paint.

Learn More About HVAC Cleaning

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