College Air Quality

Many factors influence parents’ decisions about where to send their children to college. Concern about the quality of education and its cost weigh on their minds, but health and safety do as well. In fact, according to a recent survey conducted by real estate services company JLL, college air quality is one of the top three factors parents consider in their college selection.

College Air Quality Concerns

The pandemic hit higher education hard. The risks of in-class learning remain a concern especially with the emergence of new variants of COVID-19. Colleges and universities want to restore the confidence of both students and parents as well as faculty members. That requires a proactive plan to address IAQ issues.

The JLL survey found that for 84 percent of parents, campus cleanliness and college air quality were either somewhat important or important. This was the third factor behind the quality of the school and its affordability.

“Identifying potential issues that could impact indoor air quality is the key to maintaining healthy college campuses,” said Frank Santini, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Pure Air Control Services. “Parents expect the schools they send their school to be safe. That means clean indoor air. Facilities managers need to conduct diagnostic testing and create a plan for correcting any issues that affect IAQ.”

COVID-19 Increases Concern

For 42 percent of the parents surveyed, COVID-19 increased their concerns about indoor air quality on college campuses. Another important takeaway from the survey is the parent’s perception of cleanliness. A large majority, 86 percent, claim that the appearance and the feel of a school’s campus are either somewhat important or important. Further, 88 percent cited the physical condition of buildings as an influence in their choice of colleges.

Improving the appearance of buildings and grounds gives the impression of an institution that cares about the welfare of its students. That said, addressing IAQ issues improves the health and wellness of students. Not only that, but cleaning,  disinfecting, and upgrading outdated HVAC equipment saves energy. While not one of the top three decision factors, environmental sustainability did concern 21 percent of the parents in the survey. Of course, reducing energy usage also lowers operating costs.

Improving College Air Quality

Pure Air Control Services improves IAQ at colleges and universities. We do this by offering services and methods that clean, disinfect, upgrade, and repair HVAC systems. We also track conditions in the indoor environment and recommend products that use cutting-edge air-cleaning technologies.

Building Health Check

The Building Sciences includes a complete evaluation of indoor air quality. We provide mold assessments and screen for dust and other allergens. We record and measure wall moisture, relative humidity levels, and temperatures. The investigation conducted by our Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory includes photo documentation, testing, and analysis of air and surface samples. Our HVAC Hygiene Assessment measures the impact of HVAC systems on IAQ.


Pure Air Control uses a system certified by the Green Clean Institute. The PURE-Steam method restores the evaporator coils as well as the interior of an air handling unit. It uses temperatures as high as 350° F to disinfect and destroy mold and bacteria in the AHU and coils. It also removes allergens and eliminates musty odors. Pressure up to 350 psi pushes particles through the coil. The result is better airflow and pressure which improves college air quality while lowering operating costs.


The PURE-Duct method gets inside the ductwork using air turbulence. This high-pressure airflow knocks out debris which is then collected by a vacuum system equipped with a HEPA filter. A clean system is more efficient which means better airflow and healthier air.

HVAC New Life

HVAC New Life is a system that uses an anti-microbial coating to protect surfaces from moisture which causes rust and corrosion. It prevents bacteria and mold growth both outside and inside the AHU. The installation of a PURE-Liner drain pan and PURE-Cell insulation provide further protection.

IAQ Guard

Our IAQ Guard system tracks building conditions around the clock. Through the use of sensors, our remote team observes and reacts to any changes to temperature, relative humidity, VOCs, and particulate matter.

Improve College Air Quality Today

Parents have many concerns when they send their kids away to college. Remove worries about air quality and improvise IAQ on your campus today. Contact Pure Air Control Services today. Call 1-800-422-7873 or email us here.