Clean HVAC

The COVID-19 pandemic taught us many things. For facilities managers, it further stressed the importance of building health. While managers and engineers have long understood the relationship between indoor air quality and the health of building occupants, the pandemic prompted stakeholders to refocus resources on creating safer, healthier buildings, and that includes clean HVAC systems.

For our part Pure Air Control Services’ Certified Pure Air Indoor Environment program gets buildings healthy. We use systems and methods to create healthy IAQ and monitor conditions so it stays that way. This includes steps to inspect and clean HVAC systems, provide baseline evaluations, and purify the air. It’s all a part of the six pillars of building health. 

Six Pillars of Building Health

A building health program built on the foundation of IAQ testing, HVAC cleaning, and the monitoring of environmental conditions creates a healthy environment for everyone. 

These pillars include:

  1. Baseline evaluation of IAQ conditions (included in our Building Health Check
  2. Cleaning and restoring of HVAC systems
  3. Reduction of particles in the supply and return ductwork
  4. Neutralization of pathogens in the indoor environment
  5. Purification of indoor air using bipolar ionization and UV lights
  6. Around the clock monitoring of environmental conditions

Benefits of Clean HVAC Systems

The benefits of clean HVAC systems are well documented. For one thing, a clean system is an energy-efficient system. Updating older parts is also important as aging systems work harder to circulate the air while having shorter lifespans. Saving money is important but there are greater costs as well.

Indoor pollutants are harmful to building occupants. They trigger allergies and asthma in some people while also contributing to Sick Building Syndrome. SBS is a condition where building occupants experience symptoms of nose and throat irritation, headache, dry, itchy skin, dry cough, dizziness, and nausea. These symptoms disappear as soon as the affected person leaves the building. Dust, chemicals, and pathogens circulate throughout the building as many as seven times per day providing many opportunities to make staff ill. Therefore building health is paramount. 

Certified Pure Air Indoor Environment 

Our Certified Pure Air Indoor Environment program gets buildings healthy with systems and methods that improve IAQ and monitor conditions so they stay that way. One component of this program includes methods that clean HVAC systems.

Clean HVAC Systems

Our methods include systems to improve HVAC performance. For example, our PURE-Steam method uses high-temperature steam to hygienically clean HVAC units while the PURE-Duct system targets the supply and return ductwork thus minimizing pathogens.

The HVAC New Life system cleans with PURE-Steam after which an anti-microbial coating is applied. PURE-Decon is another line of defense against viruses and other pathogens. This method uses EPA-certified electrostatic DEP sprayers to disinfect the system. The result is clean HVAC systems and healthier building occupants. For business owners, healthy employees are happier and more productive and that strengthens the bottom line.

Monitoring is another critical part of the process. Our IAQ Guard logs temperature and relative humidity levels as well as CO2, and volatile organic compounds. This remote monitoring system sends real-time data to the Building Sciences Team who then responds to changes in building conditions.

Maintain Health Buildings

In addition to the systems and methods mentioned above, facilities managers must remain proactive in their efforts to create healthy buildings. For example, in-room air purifiers placed throughout the building remove pollutants from the air to prevent their circulation. 

Ultraviolet lights are also an effective way to improve IAQ. These devices use ultraviolet C disinfection as well as ultrasonic dry mist disinfection to kill 99 percent of pathogens.

Another important component of healthy and clean HVAC systems is the restoration of system components. Parts become dirty and outdated over time which decreases their performance. Sometimes they fail which results in expensive service calls. A complete HVAC assessment reveals potential issues through testing of energy efficiency and airflow. It checks for duct leakage and provides building pressure analysis as well. 

Healthy Building, Healthy People!

If you’re serious about creating a healthy environment for staff, visitors, and other building occupants, Pure Air Control Services is here to help. We have the tools and systems needed to clean HVAC systems and create healthy buildings through inspections, testing, disinfection, and monitoring. Call us at 1-800-422-7873 or email us here.