Clean Coils Save Energy

Operating costs remain a concern for facilities managers and energy use is chief among them. However, maintaining HVAC systems is a way to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. To put it simply, clean coils save energy and money. Coil cleaning saves money on more than energy bills. It leads to fewer repair calls and longer-lasting equipment as well as an improvement in indoor air quality.

HVAC Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil’s job is to absorb heat from inside a building. Anything that gets in the way of this important function causes the system to work harder and eventually fail. A harder-working HVAC system uses more energy and that costs money for commercial building owners. It makes sense then, that a clean coil saves energy and reduces operating costs. This is true for hospitals, government buildings, schools and universities, and commercial businesses too. 

Clean Coils Save Energy

The evaporator coil becomes blocked over time. Dirt, dust, and other debris build up on the coil which leads to insufficient cooling. The system also runs longer and works harder to cool the building thus consuming energy in the process. In the winter, coils can freeze when moisture and dirt build up on the coil. Therefore, keeping them clean in HVAC systems cuts down on energy use and lowers energy costs. That said, clean coils save money in other key ways as well. 

5 Ways Clean Coils Save Energy and Money

Here are five ways clean coils save energy and money in commercial buildings.

1. Fewer Maintenance Calls

A better operating system requires fewer maintenance calls. When evaporator coils and other system components become fouled, this means more service calls and repair bills. Preventive maintenance pays for itself over time. 

2. Better Energy Efficiency

As the coil becomes blocked it must work harder to absorb heat and cool buildings. That’s why EnergyStar includes coil cleaning on its checklist of energy-saving measures for commercial buildings. 

3. Longer Lasting Equipment

Regular inspections and cleaning keep HVAC systems running at peak performance. This leads to a longer lifespan for components and the overall system itself. This, of course, lowers operating costs for commercial businesses.

4. Better IAQ Means Happier Employees

A cleaner system creates healthier indoor air quality. Cleaner air leads to healthier employees. Consequently, healthier employees miss fewer days of work. They’re more productive too. Therefore, an investment in the well-being of workers is an investment in the future profitability and growth of the business. 

5. Rapid Payback Measures

The cost of regular HVAC cleaning and maintenance leads to a fast return on that investment for commercial building owners. So, building managers who include HVAC inspections and cleaning in their annual maintenance contracts see a shorter payback period on this investment.

Improving Energy Efficiency

WTI – Pure Air Control Services provides methods and services to keep HVAC systems running in top form. Make HVAC hygiene assessments and steam cleaning a part of your annual maintenance contract to improve energy efficiency.

HVAC Hygiene Assessment

The HVAC hygiene assessment measures the impact the system has on indoor air quality. The assessment includes a visual inspection of the air handling unit including the evaporator coils. Airflow and energy testing as well as inspection for duct leakage is performed. Samples collected from the AHU undergo testing and the resulting microbiological and performance data, along with photographs and recommendations for improvement, give facilities managers the information needed to improve efficiency.


PURE-Steam HVAC coil cleaning saves energy while lowering operating costs for all the reasons mentioned above. This method uses steam heated to 350 F to remove dirt and dust. The steam cleaning process also destroys bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It also restores the AHU and evaporator coils to near factory specifications. Steam cleaning offers an estimated cost benefit of between 17 and 22 cents per square foot. It also removes odors and improves cooling capacity and fresh air exchange.

Get Clean Coils and Save Energy Today

We help businesses improve the performance of their HVAC systems to increase energy efficiency and improve IAQ. In short, we help them save money. Learn more about services like this, as well as how our IAQ Guard system monitors indoor environmental conditions to keep air quality healthy and safe. Contact WTI – Pure Air Control today.