Certified Healthy Building

Helping you get back to business the safest way possible!

While many businesses and institutions are still waiting for the COVID-19 pandemic to subside before heading back to their offices, Pure Air Control Services is leading the way by helping organizations implement environmental best practices to manage risks and get people back to work safely.

Take advantage of our Certified Healthy Building Program!

Our Certified Pure Air Indoor Environment program optimizes and maintains building health. It’s a holistic program that utilizes a suite of engineered services to effectively neutralize harmful particles and pathogens while continuously monitoring the ambient conditions.

From environmental coronavirus testing to HVAC system and room disinfection Pure Air Controls can help your buildings and occupants stay healthy and productive!

Whether you have a specific need or would like to get certified, we can help!

Certified Healthy Building

Healthy Buildings Baseline IAQ TestingIAQ Baseline Evaluation

Building Health Check baseline environmental testing (including for coronavirus) and a HVAC Hygiene Assessment is done to verify building safety.

Healthy Buildings HVAC Cleaned and RestoredHVAC Cleaned & Restored

All of the HVAC units are hygienically cleaned with PURE-Steam™ using 350° F steam. Then restore them with antimicrobial paint as part of the HVAC New Life™ process.

Healthy Buildings Particles ReducedParticles Reduced

All of the supply & return ductwork is hygienically cleaned with the PURE-Duct service incorporating negative air machines with HEPA filtration. Fiberglass duct board is also encapsulated to prevent degradation.

Healthy Buildings Pathogens NeutralizedPathogens Neutralized

PURE-Decon building disinfection is conducted using EPA registered disinfectants to neutralize all bacteria, mold & viruses (including coronavirus) prior to the facilities being certified.

Healthy Buildings Air PurificationAir Purified

Air purifiers with EnviroSmart™ detection technology & multistage HEPA filtration and/or PURE-Plasma bi-polar ionization are installed in the building for the continuous cleaning of the air to remove allergens, microbes, odors & particles.

Healthy Buildings Conditions MonitoredConditions Monitored

IAQ Guard is installed to monitor/alert the facility 24/7 for particles, temperature, rH, CO2 & VOC.

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