CDC Funding for HVAC and IAQ Improvements

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides funding through the Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity for Prevention and Control of Emerging Infectious Diseases (ELC) program. This funding supports state and local health departments in their efforts to respond to public health emergencies, including the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, this allows public schools to provide CDC funding for HVAC and IAQ improvements.

CDC Funding for HVAC in Schools

In the context of COVID-19, the CDC has allocated ELC funding to address various aspects of the pandemic, including improving indoor air quality and HVAC systems in schools. These measures are important because proper ventilation and air filtration can help reduce the transmission of the virus indoors, especially in crowded and poorly ventilated spaces like classrooms.

The exact allocation and utilization of ELC CDC funding for HVAC and IAQ improvements in schools may vary from state to state, depending on local needs and priorities. The CDC works closely with state health departments to provide guidance and technical assistance on implementing these strategies effectively.

Between March of 2020 and November of 2021 (encompassing Budget Periods 1-3), ELC awarded more than $42 billion in COVID-19 response funding to 64 ELC recipients. Click here to view how the funds were distributed by state. Many of the deadline to utilize CDC funding for HVAC and IAQ Improvements in schools are fast approaching. If you are a school district superintendent, it is imperative that you reach out to your state health department and facility vendor partners to review what is available for your buildings!

How to Improve School HVAC and IAQ with ELC Funds

For our part, WTI Pure Air Controls is ready to help. We are already working with state health departments across the United States with a specialized program to assess HVAC systems and provide air handler unit and duct cleaning. Of course, this uses CDC funding for HVAC improvements.

A Three-Part Strategy for Optimization

HVAC Assessments
A detailed survey of the mechanical inventory to prioritize maintenance, restoration and replacements to maximize planning and execution.

HVAC Cleaning
A thorough, deep sanitization of AHUs utilizing high temperature and low-pressure steam along with pre and post bio-enzyme coil treatments to improve ventilation and performance.

Duct Cleaning
Mechanically engineered and certified methods for total air conveyance system cleaning including inline VAV and Reheat equipment to improve airflow and IAQ.

In summary, the CDC’s ELC funding plays a crucial role in supporting state health departments in their efforts to address infectious diseases. Within the context of COVID-19, this funding has been used to enhance indoor air quality and HVAC systems in schools to mitigate the transmission of the virus.

To obtain detailed information about the allocation and how it was utilized by specific state health departments to provide CDC funding for HVAC and IAQ improvements in schools, it is advisable to review the relevant sections of these resources and contact us or the respective state health departments directly.