20 Mar 2023

As a facility manager, you understand that ventilation plays a critical role in maintaining indoor air quality, especially in healthcare facilities such as hospitals. Ventilation in hospitals is the process of exchanging indoor air with outdoor air to improve the quality of indoor air. It is essential to maintain adequate air change rates to ensure […]

Indoor air quality is a top concern of building managers. In fact, it’s a concern of all stakeholders as it involves the health and safety of building occupants as well as the company’s bottom line. Poor IAQ, resulting from ventilation issues or water intrusion, poses a threat. Virus transmission is another cause for concern, however, […]

Many of us think of old buildings as drafty, dusty places and as potential sources of mold and mildew. Therefore, it makes sense that indoor air quality in these older structures would concern both building managers and occupants. However, new buildings IAQ is just as important. The Importance of New Buildings IAQ We spend the […]

Mold is a part of the natural world. It serves a valuable purpose in breaking down organic matter, however, that doesn’t mean you have to live with it indoors. This fungus looks unsightly and causes musty odors as well. It also creates poor indoor air quality and prevents the HVAC system from running properly. Mold […]

13 Feb 2023

One method for improving the quality of indoor air in buildings is through better ventilation. Limiting the circulation of airborne pollutants indoors benefits the safety and health of building occupants. In fact, long before the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, research proved the value of outdoor air ventilation and the related practice of air filtration. […]

06 Feb 2023

To stop the spread of COVID, many facilities managers use disinfection technology. This includes UV lamps that use ultraviolet germicidal radiation (UVGI) to deactivate pathogens. However, new research shows some of the negative side effects of UV disinfection on IAQ. Side Effects of UV Disinfection on IAQ Hospitals and other healthcare facilities use UV Lamps […]

Legionella bacterium is a unicellular microorganism that causes infections and diseases in both humans and animals. In humans, these bacteria cause the pneumonia-type Legionnaires’ disease as well as a more mild flu-like illness known as Pontiac fever. This bacteria, and a host of others, give building managers much cause for concern, however, facility Legionella testing […]

23 Jan 2023

Fouling of evaporator coils occurs for several reasons. Facilities managers, concerned about providing a safe and productive work environment, prevent this through routine HVAC maintenance. For example, air filter replacements and coil cleanings help the system circulate clean air. Before we address the solutions, let’s explore some of the reasons for fouled HVAC coils.  Filter […]

The January 2023 issue of the Healthy Indoors Magazine contains an article on the IICRC’s new mold standard for IAQ professionals. The standard for remediation services serves as a guide to help professionals in their efforts to improve indoor air quality. The information in the standard also benefits facilities managers looking to improve the safety […]

As the HVAC system does its year-round work of providing clean fresh air to buildings, dirt builds up. Not only dirt but particles such as dust and pathogens that cause illness and disease. However, a clean system keeps building occupants healthy. Dirty HVAC ducts could contribute to more serious health problems and pose a threat […]