In late September of 2022, Hurricane Ian wreaked havoc across Western Cuba and the Southeastern United States. The storm reached peak intensity as it approached Florida where it caused billions of dollars in damages. Ian also resulted in the deaths of 126 in the state as well as fatalities in South Carolina and Virginia. The […]

The 2023 Old Farmer’s Almanac offers some interesting news for the US for this winter. The almanac calls it “a tale of two winters.” That means mild temps for the western states and cold and snowy for the Midwest and the East Coast. According to the almanac, southern US states can also expect lower temps […]

  While spring allergies cause discomfort for millions of Americans across the country, fall is no slouch when it comes to triggering symptoms. Rotting leaves produce mold and ragweed release pollen during the autumn months with a peak in September. Indoors, the same culprits of dust and dander trigger symptoms. Read on to learn more […]

The pandemic stressed the need for creating and maintaining healthy indoor conditions to keep building occupants safe. How HVAC affects IAQ, however, is something facilities managers always need to stay on top of. What follows are three ways HVAC affects IAQ as well as solutions for keeping the indoor environment safe for all. Three Ways […]

  Building occupants are concerned with their health as it relates to the indoor environment. The ongoing pandemic only highlights the need for addressing IAQ issues. While anxiety about the spread of airborne viruses is high, other aerosols pose a threat to our health indoors as well. For example, how HVAC insulation affects IAQ is […]

  With students heading back to the classroom, concerns about safety return as well. While the threat of COVID eases, other indoor air quality risks remain. For example, periods of high humidity in closed buildings over the summer allowed mold a chance to spread. This makes school mold testing a top priority for administrators. In […]

  That leak in the roof of your building seems like a small problem right now. Letting it go unrepaired, however, leads to bigger problems down the line. One major reason for concern is that roof leaks affect IAQ. Taking care of commercial roof leaks early prevents them from developing into health risks for employees. […]

29 Aug 2022

We understand the need for healthy indoor environments. Safe air and water are important for hospitals, schools, universities, office buildings, and all commercial businesses. That’s why the accredited laboratory services at WTI | Pure Air strives to lead the country in environmental studies. In July 2021 the lab was acquired by Tremco, a division of […]

We can’t see air, of course, but it contains both gasses and solid particles. The tiny particles found in the air, known as aerosols, contain biological and chemical components. The makeup of these components determines air quality. Indoors, biological aerosols, or bioaerosols, include viruses, fungi, and bacteria. Aerosols impact the health of building occupants. Therefore, […]

15 Aug 2022

Even as COVID variants continue to cause unease for Americans, the number of cases has dropped in the US. As people return to the workplace, employers, business owners, and building managers focus on creating safe indoor environments. But what about students? As students return to class, fixing school indoor air quality is more important than […]