15 Sep 2020

We now know that the coronavirus transmits through aerosols and we are learning more about the role HVAC systems play in this transmission. One recent study of healthcare settings detected coronavirus RNA in roughly 25 percent of samples taken from multiple air handlers in these facilities. While no COVID-19 cases were linked to these HVAC […]

COVID-19 continues to affect the country and the world. Work on a potential vaccine gives us hope. However, we also know the future emergence of a new virus remains a strong possibility. The return of the seasonal flu adds to our concerns as well. For these reasons, facilities managers must make building disinfection and IAQ […]

17 Aug 2020

Americans spend most of their time inside. In fact, according to the EPA, we spend about 90 percent of our lives indoors. Higher levels of pollutants concentrate indoors. As a result, this affects the health of building occupants. The elderly and those with underlying health conditions remain at an even higher risk. For this reason, […]

06 Jul 2020

As facilities and building managers confront the realities of the COVID19 pandemic, better methods and tools become available to keep buildings safe. For instance, increased cleaning and disinfecting schedules limit the risk of infection. Regular maintenance and repairs to HVAC systems keep systems running at top performance. But, real-time, persistent air purification gives building engineers […]

01 Jul 2020

Every sector of the U.S. economy feels the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The hardest-hit segment of the population are seniors with people 85 and older facing the greatest risk of severe illness. Many nursing homes find themselves overwhelmed in their efforts to maintain safe environments for seniors in their care. As skilled nursing facilities […]

02 Jun 2020

Healthy buildings in the post-COVID-19 world are an important component to economic recovery. It’s important that businesses get back up and running quickly and adjust to what will be a new normal. Maintaining a healthy indoor environment is critical to this. If in the past, budgetary concerns limited the resources devoted to health, wellness, and […]

26 May 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our personal and professional lives in ways we may not fully realize for weeks, months, perhaps even years. As businesses start to reopen around the country, developing a successful reopening plan is critical. This requires thoughtful consideration as any plan for reopening buildings needs to put occupant safety first. There […]

19 May 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic forced buildings and campuses to close across the country. Proactive building managers used this time to schedule inspections, testing, preventive maintenance, and cleaning of HVAC and other systems. Many facilities, however, sat empty during this time. While building closures are an essential part of limiting the spread of the coronavirus, other health […]

13 May 2020

As shelter-in-place orders begin to lift throughout the country, businesses are shifting their focus towards reopening. Facility managers who used the time of closure to perform preventative maintenance on HVAC and other mechanical systems are in a better position than those who did nothing. Even so, if you are a building manager, you need a […]