The COVID-19 pandemic taught us many things. For facilities managers, it further stressed the importance of building health. While managers and engineers have long understood the relationship between indoor air quality and the health of building occupants, the pandemic prompted stakeholders to refocus resources on creating safer, healthier buildings, and that includes clean HVAC systems. […]

  We’ve learned a lot about the SARS-CoV-2 virus over the past year. For example, we know that the virus spreads more easily indoors. We also know that improving ventilation reduces viral particle concentration. This lowers the risk of building occupants inhaling these particles or coming in contact with them on hard surfaces. Better ventilation […]

Businesses have been reopening around the country at an encouraging pace. As the number of reopening’s increases, business owners must do so in ways that emphasize occupant safety. Commercial businesses such as gyms, bars, spas, and restaurants must protect their staff and patrons. Schools and universities need to protect their staff and students. This requires […]

For most of 2020, we heard about the importance of people getting tested for COVID-19. That’s still true. Testing is a critical part of fighting the spread of the coronavirus. However, new technology makes it possible to test for the presence of the coronavirus in buildings as well. Building coronavirus testing plays a critical part […]

Prescriptive indoor air quality is the process by which facilities managers get a diagnosis, devise a treatment plan, then keep a close eye on the results. The health of our bodies and the health of the buildings we spend time in is equally important. So, it makes sense to think of physical health and environmental […]

28 Sep 2020

Viral infections are serious. You want to make sure your business and commercial property are safe for both staff and visitors. This requires a plan for COVID-19 disinfection from a company you can trust. With so many businesses harmed by the coronavirus, many vendors compete for contracts. Yet, not all have the certifications or experience […]

22 Sep 2020

You’ve invested a lot of money in the heating and cooling of your commercial property. Don’t skip the cleaning and maintenance of that system. Over time, as the HVAC system does its job of heating, cooling, and moving air, dust and debris degrade its performance. More importantly, when the ductwork becomes dirty, air is filled […]

15 Sep 2020

We now know that the coronavirus transmits through aerosols and we are learning more about the role HVAC systems play in this transmission. One recent study of healthcare settings detected coronavirus RNA in roughly 25 percent of samples taken from multiple air handlers in these facilities. While no COVID-19 cases were linked to these HVAC […]

Indoor air quality has never been more important. This won’t change in a post-COVID-19 world. Building managers must make clean air a priority beyond the pandemic. This is critical for the health and safety of workers, but rising energy costs are a factor as well. Here are some of the benefits of maintaining HVAC systems […]

COVID-19 continues to affect the country and the world. Work on a potential vaccine gives us hope. However, we also know the future emergence of a new virus remains a strong possibility. The return of the seasonal flu adds to our concerns as well. For these reasons, facilities managers must make building disinfection and IAQ […]