Increased occupancy leads to higher building carbon dioxide levels. With proper ventilation, this isn’t a problem. However, poor ventilation impacts indoor air quality which is made even more unsafe by viruses. It is established science that the SARS-CoV-2 virus spreads by aerosol transmission. The coronavirus attaches to tiny droplets expelled by coughing and sneezing. Once […]

Businesses have been reopening around the country at an encouraging pace. As the number of reopening’s increases, business owners must do so in ways that emphasize occupant safety. Commercial businesses such as gyms, bars, spas, and restaurants must protect their staff and patrons. Schools and universities need to protect their staff and students. This requires […]

For most of 2020, we heard about the importance of people getting tested for COVID-19. That’s still true. Testing is a critical part of fighting the spread of the coronavirus. However, new technology makes it possible to test for the presence of the coronavirus in buildings as well. Building coronavirus testing plays a critical part […]

Understanding IAQ has never been more important to building health. For this reason, we continue our look back on the articles we shared this year and hope we’ve given you the information you need to tackle these issues. We talked about how bipolar ionization and tracking indoor air conditions improve building health. Prescriptive IAQ is […]

Many common medical conditions complicate the coronavirus infection. Those who suffer from heart or lung conditions or obesity remain at greater risk from the virus. New evidence also suggests that an infection from the mold aspergillus affects COVID-19 patients at a high rate well. Hidden Dangers of Mold Colonies Aspergillus is a type of fungus […]

Prescriptive indoor air quality is the process by which facilities managers get a diagnosis, devise a treatment plan, then keep a close eye on the results. The health of our bodies and the health of the buildings we spend time in is equally important. So, it makes sense to think of physical health and environmental […]

27 Oct 2020

One result of the ongoing pandemic is an increased focus on indoor air quality. IAQ issues, always top of mind for building managers, are a concern for the general public as well. In fact, indoor air quality awareness is a driving factor for job seekers in determining which companies to work for. Also, for customers, […]

01 Sep 2020

Reopening buildings during COVID-19 is a challenge. For one thing, we now know about the airborne transmission of the coronavirus. For this reason, improving ventilation is a top goal for facilities managers. Addressing ventilation and IAQ issues requires a plan. Cleaning, testing, and monitoring are a part of that. Carrying through with that plan keeps […]

11 Aug 2020

Even as businesses reopen and employees return to work, the US continues to deal with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a new frontier and building and facilities managers face many challenges to safe reopening. New guidelines for social distancing and workstation layouts need special attention. Doing so puts the safety and wellbeing of employees first. […]