Building Sciences Overview

Building owners, facility managers, and other professionals are responsible for providing a healthy and safe workplace or learning environment for occupants they serve. Building Sciences understands that you require timely information, attention to detail, and a team member who treats your building like their own, resolving potentially costly IAQ situations
effectively economically.

Building Sciences specializes in building assessments, forensic investigations, indoor air quality consultation, indoor environmental testing and expert witness testimony related to the health, comfort and energy efficiency of the occupied space.


Building Sciences is staffed with Certified Indoor Air Quality Professionals (CIAQP), Certified Indoor Environmental Consultants (CIEC) Certified Mold Assessors/Remediators, Certified Air-Conditioning Contractors, Industrial Hygienists and Engineers that work together with your facilities team to provide complete site assessments using state of the art protocols and technology.

With over 25 years of experience in Environmental Consulting and Project Management, Building Sciences personnel have the technical consulting foundation to implement cost effective diagnostic and remedial strategies. To ensure the successful completion of your project, you will be assigned a Senior Project Manager who will take the time to review your current IAQ concerns and goals, and to direct the project towards closure.

Building Sciences Qualifications

• Indoor Environmental Project Management
• Energy Consultation
• LEED v4 IAQ Testing
• USP 797 Microbial Testing
• NCI HVAC Testing & Balancing
• AEE Certified Indoor Air Quality Professionals (CIAQP)
• ACAC Certified Indoor Environmental Consultants
• DBPR State of Florida Licensed Mold Assessors (MRSA)

Building Sciences Associations

Building Sciences Services Include

Building Health Check Indoor Environmental Testing

Building Health Check

Economical Indoor Environmental Testing
Building Health Check is a comprehensive, evaluation of the indoor environment based upon HVAC zones.

HVAC Hygiene Assessment

HVAC Hygiene Assessment

Cleanliness & Performance Verification
This assessment precisely lets you know the impact your HVAC system has on your facilities IAQ and bottom line.

IAQ Guard 2

IAQ Guard 2.0

Real-Time Monitoring Program
IAQ Guard 2.0 is a battalion of sensors placed in a building to log specific IAQ parameters and report back to our team.

Have a building related issue? Comfort, health or odor complaints? Call the IAQ Experts at Building Sciences today to investigate!


Building Sciences Indoor Environmental Testing