Building Remediation Sciences Overview

Building Remediation Sciences (BRS) provides professional indoor environmental services for commercial, industrial, institutional and government facilities.


Our remediation services are performed by our team of NADCA/VSMR personnel, Licensed Mechanical Contractors, and Certified Mold Remediators under the trained direction of Certified Industrial Hygienists, Building Scientists, and/or Certified Indoor Air Quality Professionals (CIAQP).

Building Remediation Sciences primarily specializes in the hygienic cleaning and restoration of HVAC systems utilizing our proprietary PURE-Steam and HVAC New Life™ processes as well as in the hygienic cleaning of HVAC ductwork along with building or room disinfection.. BRS also excels in hygienic duct cleaning, as well as other IAQ related needs such as room or building disinfection.

BRS establishes a team approach with accountability in every aspect of our work. We endeavor to minimize costs, stay on schedule, and work safely. We manage and monitor every item on your projects critical path and provide all labor, supplies and other services required to complete the job.

Building Remediation Sciences Qualifications

• Over 600 million square feet of experience
• Environmentally Trained Personnel
• Environmental/HVAC Maintenance
• Proactive IAQ Development Programs
• Predictive Maintenance Programs (PMP)
• Mechanically Licensed – State of Florida – CMC1250969
• OSHA Health & Safety Trained • DBPR State of Florida Licensed Mold Remediators

Building Remediation Sciences Associations

Building Remediation Sciences Services Include

HVAC New Life Restoration

HVAC New Life

HVAC Hygienic Restoration
HVAC New Life is an innovative hygienic restoration service that ensures a longer lifespan and optimal performance for aging HVAC Air Handling Units (AHU).

PURE-Steam HVAC Coil Cleaning Service


HVAC Hygienic Cleaning

PURE-Steam is a comprehensive, cleaning of the entire AHU, especially the coils. This valuable service offers terrific ROI through energy savings and improved indoor air quality.

PURE-Duct Hygienic Duct Cleaning Service


Hygienic Duct Cleaning
PURE-Duct is a complete and comprehensive, indoor air quality driven cleaning service.

PURE-Decong Building Disinfection Service


Building/Room Disinfection
The EPA certified PURE-Decon room disinfection service is more effective than topical cleaning alone.

Dirty Ducts? Clogged Coils? Aging HVAC Equipment? We can help restore your systems to a hygienically clean state with optimized performance! We also can dry you out after water intrusion & disinfect a room or entire building from microbials like bacteria & mold.


Building Remediation Sciences for optimal HVAC