Building Disinfection Important Especially After COVID-19

COVID-19 continues to affect the country and the world. Work on a potential vaccine gives us hope. However, we also know the future emergence of a new virus remains a strong possibility. The return of the seasonal flu adds to our concerns as well. For these reasons, facilities managers must make building disinfection and IAQ their main focus.

IAQ Issues Post-COVID-19

We know more about controlling the spread of the virus than we did at the start of 2020. This includes the importance of social distancing and hand washing. We must remember these lessons as we look for ways to keep buildings safe. Building disinfection needs to stay a top priority for occupant safety as well. As a result, janitorial cleaning alone won’t be enough. Building safety means increased cleaning and disinfection of high-touch services. This also requires paying special attention to issues of indoor air quality.

Earlier this year, a group of Chinese researchers studied 7,324 COVID-positive patients. They found an infection risk four times higher indoors than out. Therefore, building managers must come up with plans to stop the threat of infections inside.

Good IAQ requires taking steps to prevent the spread of viruses. Routine cleaning and maintenance of HVAC systems provide a good first step. Additionally, new and better strategies help the response to viral infections. Most important is an emergency response plan. The plan must include building disinfection services. This gives facilities managers the tools to stop outbreaks.

Emergency Response to Viral Spread

An emergency response plan gives building managers an edge in preventing viral outbreaks. PURE Control Services helps create these plans. We offer systems and methods to test and respond to viral infections. For example, our HVAC cleaning system reduces clusters of airborne pathogens. PURE-Steam cleans HVAC evaporator coils and gets inside air handling units. This lowers the risks of infections. Moreover, a cleaner system lowers energy usage and costs.

The PURE-Duct system cleans the HVAC supply and return ductwork. The system uses negative air machines to trap and destroy harmful particles. High-pressure air turbulence disrupts dust and debris. Particles then get sucked out with a vacuum system using HEPA filters.

In addition, our EDLab tests for viruses on high-touch surfaces. Managers collect samples with swabs then send them to the lab. The EDLab returns the results within 5-7 days.

Better Building Disinfection Services

Occupant safety post-COVID requires routine building disinfection. PURE-Decon uses a variety of methods to disinfect inside areas. Special equipment and disinfects clean HVAC equipment and ductwork. This system reaches areas missed by regular surface cleaning. The disinfectants are EPA-registered. They leave no harmful residues behind. However, they are powerful enough to kill 99.9 percent of all microbes.

Pure Air Control Services Solutions

Pure Air Control understands what building managers need in a post-COVID environment. To this end, we work to reduce risk and improve indoor air quality. We also reduce energy costs to save you money. Contact Pure Air Controls today to find out how we can improve the IAQ of your facilities.