Building Coronavirus Testing - Swab Sample

For most of 2020, we heard about the importance of people getting tested for COVID-19. That’s still true. Testing is a critical part of fighting the spread of the coronavirus. However, new technology makes it possible to test for the presence of the coronavirus in buildings as well. Building coronavirus testing plays a critical part in reopening and operating safely.

At the forefront of research for building tests is Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg. He is the director at the University of Oregon’s Institute for the Health and the Built Environment. The institute extensively tested for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in HVAC systems at the University’s hospital. They detected positive samples from the pre-filters through to supply side air dampers. This data, returned within 24 hours, gives facilities managers control over the spread of the virus. As a result, they can close buildings, schedule remediation, and start contact tracing efforts

Building Coronavirus Testing

Students, employees, customers visiting shops, spas, and gyms—it’s near impossible to test everyone every day, but it is possible to test buildings weekly or even daily. Testing done on surface or air samples identifies the presence or absence of the virus. It allows for disinfection efforts, and keeps the public safe. Van Den Wymelenberg sees buildings as the engine of the economy. Therefore, safe, open buildings keep the economy running.

After detection of a virus in a building, mitigation follows. This includes increasing ventilation, filtration and surface disinfection. A more targeted approach to human testing is also an important component along with building coronavirus testing.

The Environmental Laboratory

Building Coronavirus Testing - Centrifuging the Samples

Pure Air Control Services provides coronavirus environmental testing through its Building Sciences and Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory divisions. EDLab tests surface and air samples using RT-qPCR technology. Building staff or Pure Air Control’s Building Sciences team collects samples with a swab or bioaerosol media then sends it to EDLab for analysis. After that, the lab sends back an easy-to-understand report. If the building test is positive for coronavirus, then managers can move forward with remediation.

The results let building managers see the effectiveness of their cleaning methods. This A2LA-certified testing program is essential to a safe reopening. It restores confidence in buildings with previously confirmed cases of COVID-19. If the result is negative they are free to continue with their current cleaning protocols and social distancing guidelines.

Testing is the First Step

Building Coronavirus Testing - PCR Results

Building coronavirus testing lets building managers keep their buildings safe. Whether these facilities are commercial or industrial, or in the education or healthcare field, all benefit from testing for coronavirus. A negative result means that a facility’s guidelines for social distancing work. Cleaning and disinfection protocols are effective and monitoring efforts show results. Testing helps managers and business owners’ clear buildings for reopening and provides assurances to staff and the general public.

Disinfection Solutions

Building Coronavirus Testing - Remedial Disinfection

If SARS-CoV-2 testing finds the virus, building disinfection is the next step. As testing is done on high touch surfaces, likewise, these surfaces need disinfection. Pure Air Control disinfects interior rooms and surfaces as well as ductwork and HVAC equipment. These methods use EPA-registered disinfectants to kill 99.9% of microbes. This includes the coronavirus but also bacteria and mold.

Additionally, disinfection targets high-touch surfaces including:

  • Doorknobs and handles
  • Desktops
  • Keyboards
  • Appliances
  • Shared office equipment

Get Your Building Coronavirus Testing Started Today

Pure Air Control’s EDLab tests for coronavirus and PURE-Decon is the disinfection solution. Above all, this combination of services reduces the risk of virus spreads and allows buildings to reopen and stay open. Learn more. Contact Pure Air Control Services today. Call 1-800-422-7873 or email us here.